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  1. (Reuters Health) - Even though many children with celiac disease can ease symptoms by going on a gluten-free diet, kids should still get blood tests ... View the full article
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  6. Celiac disease (celiac disease) is an autoimmune, small intestinal enteropathy caused by a permanent sensitivity to gluten from wheat, rye, and barley in ... View the full article
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  11. Although serological tests are useful for identifying celiac disease, it is well known that a small minority of celiacs are seronegative, and show no blood markers for celiac disease. A team of researchers wanted to define the prevalence and features of seronegative compared to seropositive celiac disease, and to establish whether celiac disease is a common cause of seronegative villous atrophy. View the full article
  12. For people who actually have celiac disease, being gluten-free means not being able to eat some of their favorite foods from pizza to bread, and even ... View the full article
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