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  1. The Gluten Free Expo is the only certified international fair dedicated to gluten free market and products. The fifth edition will be held in Rimini Fiera from 19th to 22th November 2016. [] View the full article
  2. 300 year old Charleston, South Carolina is internationally renowned for it's historic significance, unique architecture, Southern charm, coastal beauty and Low Country foods. From Fort Moultrie during the American Revolution to Fort Sumter the scene of the first shots of the Civil War, this city has been involved historically. Rainbow Row, a colorful collection of houses and the mansions along the Battery offer the best examples of this glorious age. Area plantations and gardens offer a fascinating glimpse into the history and natural beauty of the Low Country. We've put together a five (5) day Mini Getaway to give you a taste for the city and its many charms. Each of the Chefs have taken on my challenge to create delicious and memorable gluten-free meals. We will be eating at a variety of great restaurants offering us specially prepared foods of the area and more - gluten-free, of course. Staying at the beautiful and historic Mills House Wyndham House Wyndham Grand Hotel in the middle of the historic district we will explore in and around the city so that you can better appreciate a wide variety of the so many things to see and do. We have arranged a Walking Tour of the Historic district; a Low Country Cooking Demonstration by the Executive Chef at the hotel; an all-day tour of the World Famous Magnolia Plantation & Gardens: Boat tour and visit to Fort Sumter. And of course Gluten-free Dinners at a variety of great Charleston restaurants. We have left you free time for you to select other places you may want to visit, such as the USS Yorktown Carrier; Straw Market; Romantic Carriage rides: and so much more - like shopping. You may even want to spend more time than we've arranged, but no worry - we can provide you with additional days at great rates. We would love to have you join us in one of America's oldest cities with so much Southern Charm, history and things to see and enjoy. Bring your family and friends - they don't have to be Gluten-free to enjoy this Getaway. MAKE YOUR RESERVATIONS by JUNE 3, 2016 And receive an EARLY BIRD SPECIAL DISCOUNT $25/PERSON CHECK OUT ALL THE SPECIFICS INCLUDING COSTS ON OUR WEBSITE [BOBANDRUTHS.COM] View the full article
  3. The 2nd Annual Gluten-Free Oktoberfest in New York City is the first gluten-free event of its kind on the East Coast. gluten-free Oktoberfest was created so that people with gluten intolerance or celiac disease could safely come together and mingle while enjoying a selection of over 45 gluten-free ciders and beers and an unlimited amount of gluten free food. To add to the fun, meet some of the cider makers and brand ambassadors! Feast on a full gluten-free Oktoberfest menu with traditionally mouthwatering sausages, meatballs, pizza, pretzels, desserts, and much more.There will be vegetarian options too! gluten-free Oktoberfest was founded by Jeffrey Reiss, founder and owner of Pie by the Pound, a New York City restaurant that specializes in the gluten ­free pizza. In 2004, Jeffrey discovered his own gluten intolerance and adopted a gluten ­free lifestyle. At his restaurant, Reiss prepares gluten ­free pizza, sandwiches, desserts and sells a wide variety of gluten ­free beer and cider, making Pie a food haven for the gluten­ free community. Reiss says he strives “to maintain one of the biggest menus of gluten free beer and cider on the East Coast with a rotating list of favorites. This will like be a sold out event and the tickets are non refundable. Rain or shine the event will still be taking place. Thanks so much. We look forward to seeing you there! Purchase tickets via secure eventbrite link below.. GFOKTOBERFEST.COM PIEBYTHEPOUND.COM View the full article
  4. Hi, Well, where do I even start? I've been ill for several years now and only recently linked my health problems to the foods I've been eating. I started off with cutting out gluten and have been on a paleo diet for quite some time, which seems to help in giving me more energy. BUT, I've noticed reactions coming from foods I didn't even know could cause reactions. I'm talking foods like cabbage which can cause me to feel blue, tomatoes which can cause me to have diarrhea or even spinach. Just to name a few... I honestly don't know what to eat anymore. I'm quite sure I have leaky gut. Ever since I stopped eating gluten I dropped about 45 pounds and am no longer overweight (in just 2 months time). I'm prediabetic so losing the weight definitely helps but I still can't tolerate sugar, sugar in particular is what can make me feel really bad. Foods I know I can't have: Tomatoes/nightshades, gluten, legumes, sugar, pastry, pasta, citric acid, crisps, shellfish, cookies, soda, pizza, processed foods, additives, salty and/or smoked foods, canned foods, fruits high in sugar, fatty foods, beets, vinegar, nuts, cabbage, etc. Foods I know I can have: Meat (except pork), salad, cucumber, andive, fish (fresh), brocolli, butter, celery, asparagus (fresh) Grey zone: eggs, rice, fermented cheese (goat/mutton), onions Are there any other foods out there which are known to heal leaky gut and won't cause any reactions to the vast majority of folks? My concern is mainly a practical one since I never know what to eat in the mornings. I used to eat canned fish but I know it's not the healthiest choice... Eggs sometimes make my stomach ache but overall they don't cause fatigue like the other stuff does.. Meat is excellent, I do very well on protein. I feel better when I eat less or nothing at all. I'm concerned that if I only eat the things I can have I won't be getting all of the nutrients, but I just want to get my energy back and with the right foods, I know it's possible. Unfortunately fresh foods tend to cost more than the junk food. So cheaper foods that are gut-friendly would be welcome... Thanks, Ken View the full article
  5. Whether you are an adult or a child, you could have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), autism or even Asperger's Syndrome. If you do not have enough symptom improvements with the traditional treatments, then why not consider an alternative therapy? What about a gluten-free diet? View the full article
  6. Hello, I'm new to this website and have been experiencing symptoms that would be related to those with Celiacs. I have had on and off diarrhea, constipation, extreme nausea, low grade fevers, bad aches, and headaches for a while. This went on and off for about three or four months and have done blood testing and stool testing and those tests came back okay. However, I was told to go on a gluten free diet for two weeks and suddenly my symptoms went away. I felt better than I had in months. However, after the two weeks were up, I ate as much gluten containing foods as I could in 2 days and I suffered the consequences two days later by going to the bathroom an abnormal amount of times, stomach cramps and headache, fatigue and low grade fever. My question is does this sound like Celiacs? Is it weird to have symptoms onset almost a day after eating gluten? Also, is it normal to feel worse as the day goes on? I'm a full time student who works and yesterday I have a normal temperature of about 97.7 (my normal temp) and went up to 99.4 after my full day. I laid down for 30 minutes and it went back down to 98.4 (a full degree in 30 min), If anyone can help, any advice and input would be much appreciated to a new person to this community. Thank you in advance! View the full article
  7. This frittata blends eggs, ricotta cheese, Gruyere, chives, and of course, asparagus. View the full article
  8. What do my results mean? Component Your Value Standard Range IGA 356 mg/dL 61 - 356 mg/dL Component Your Value Standard Range TRANSGLUTAMINASE IGA AB <1.2 U/mL <4.0 (Negative) U/mL View the full article
  9. Out of the more than 1,100 students in the Kuemper system, there are nine students who have celiac disease and need to be gluten free. There are ... View the full article
  10. I was recently diagnosed with celiac disease/dermatitis herpetiformis. I have been gluten free for approximately 3 months. About 6 to 8 months ago, I noticed painless,swollen lymph nodes in my neck and then the groin area. I kept an eye on them but they did not shrink in size. I had an ultrasound which showed them as swollen, both sides of groin, and cbc showed a low lymph count. Has anyone else had this experience as related to celiac? The doctor has reccommended waiting 4 weeks and doing another cbc. With a low lymph count and swollen nodes, I am wondering why she would not be more concerned. There was mention of seeing a hematologist, but the final decision apparently is to wait and retest. I am concerned about lymphoma, as I know celiacs are at a higher risk, and my mom had lymphoma when she was in her 50's. I am 37. View the full article
  11. The type of gut inflammation seen in non-celiac gluten sensitivity differs ... that they have achieved a certain benefit from maintaining a gluten-free diet. View the full article
  12. But the protein may not be the sole reason those without Celiac disease have ... “The type of gut inflammation seen in non-celiac gluten sensitivity differs ... Going gluten-free has become an American dietary trend, partially because ... View the full article
  13. But the protein may not be the sole reason those without Celiac disease have ... “The type of gut inflammation seen in non-celiac gluten sensitivity differs ... us toward being able to recommend an ATI-free diet to help treat a variety of ... View the full article
  14. One microwave in the Dining Hall is used only for gluten-free foods. Photo by AARON ... “People didn't know much about gluten or celiac disease.” View the full article