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  1. All bugs reported here should now be fixed...please let me know. As far as the counter goes, again, it is not a live counter and updates via a cron job.
  2. One of the biggest health kicks in past years is the illusion of a gluten free diet. Medically speaking, Celiac Disease is an autoimmune disorder in ... View the full article
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  4. Neurological problems are a very common effect of gluten intolerance. Whether you have celiac disease or gluten sensitivity, there is research showing that gluten can cause nervous system problems in affected individuals. View the full article
  5. Ok, so the issue is that sometimes posts don't appear after they are submitted...and not that they disappear after they have been posted and viewed on the forum. I will report this to the software makers.
  6. Ok, so to clarify, you never saw the post make it to this forum, and then disappear...right? In other words, you submitted it, but it never made it here. I am just trying to understand what people are experiencing. Seeing a post show up here, and then later vanish is very different from submitting a post, and never seeing it appear, which is generally an Internet or possible server issue.
  7. So do most of you think posts are disappearing because of the "Top Posters" count not being accurate? That count is updated by a cron daily, so it isn't in real time. If you don't see the count go up directly after you post it does not mean your post has disappeared. Has anyone posted and then seen their post get removed or deleted? If so, is it possible there was an Internet issue? Did you actually see it posted on the forum, and then notice that it was gone?
  8. Traditional butternut squash soup gets some help from cream cheese in this updated classic. View the full article
  9. For more than 3 million Americans going gluten-free is more than a lifestyle choice, it is a medical need because celiac disease is a serious illness. View the full article
  10. Being gluten-free is never easy, especially on a college campus. ... enough gluten-free options on campus, Lauren Turet, a junior with celiac disease, ... View the full article
  11. We're working on fixing some issue with a recent update. Any moderator functions that are not working please discuss in the moderator thread. The count is a weekly count, and it isn't update instantly. Are posts really disappearing? I don't think any are being deleted, but do let me know if I am wrong.
  12. until
    We are pleased to announce that Camp Celiac will return in July 2017 for our 11th year of gluten-free camp. Once again, we will have two three-night sessions for campers ages 9 to 15: Sunday, July 16 - Tuesday, July 19 Tuesday, July 19 - Saturday, July 22 Registration: Registration for campers, counselors and junior counselors will open on February 1, 2017, on the Camp Celiac website, Counselors and junior counselors are expected to commit for the full six nights of camp. We will send a reminder in January before registration begins. If this email was forwarded to you, subscribe to our newsletter from our website to receive the reminder: Junior counselor policy: Beginning this year we are requiring junior counselors to have taken one year off between attending as a camper and serving as a junior counselor. Most other camps offered by The Taylor Family Foundation have this policy and we believe it is appropriate for Camp Celiac. Because we always have more junior counselor applicants than space, we give priority to those applicants entering 12th grade; thus, in practice, applicants entering 11th grade have generally not been offered a space. This new policy formalizes that practice and ensures our staff is ready to transition from camper to a leadership position. Cost: The only cost for attending Camp Celiac is a $25 registration fee, as it has been since the camp’s founding. Donations: Although our $25 registration fee will remain the same in 2017, our costs have risen over the past decade and we rely on donations to provide the programming that makes Camp Celiac so special. If you are able, please consider a donation to Camp Celiac at Camp Arroyo. You can do so by visiting Seeking sponsors for July 1st soccer match at Stanford Stadium: Our foundation is partnering with the San Jose Earthquakes for a fundraiser and celiac awareness night at their big annual game against the L.A. Galaxy team on July 1, 2017, at the Stanford Stadium. Please contact me if you have a corporate or individual sponsor to suggest. We need to line up sponsors to proceed with planning this fun event. Special thanks to our nonprofit partner, The Taylor Family Foundation; TTFF co-founder and president Elaine Taylor; camp organizer Jackie Corley; camp doctors Doug Corley, MD, PhD, MPH, and Amy Burkhart, MD, RD; volunteer Molly Stone; camp director Richard Bernstein; and all the volunteers, business sponsors and individual donors who make camp possible for our community. We wish you a holiday season filled with warm memories and lots of gluten-free treats. Jennifer Iscol President Celiac Community Foundation of Northern California P.O. Box 1506 Healdsburg, CA 95448
  13. Are doctors asking enough questions about gluten-free diet compliance in the patients with celiac disease? View the full article
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