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  1. I started taking these a few months ago and I am really happy with the results....
  2. I teake Custom Essentials- an affordable customized nutritional supplement. They test your metabolic function and then determine what you need in a multivitamin. The vitamins are also made of pharmaceutical grade ingredients so it is better absorbed in your system. You can contact my supplier, Kate at or contact me and I'll give you her number. I am sure she'd be happy to answer any questions you may have. Hope this helps! -Michelle
  3. I take Custom Essentials- a customized gluten free nutritional supplement-- the only one you'll need. It is test based-- the company tests your metabolic function before choosing the right supplement for you, the individual. My supplier is Kate Barnhart and her email is or email me and I'll give you her phone number. If you tell her I referred you, she'll probably give you a discount. Hope this helps you! Michelle