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  1. Hello, I can recommend Dr. Markovicks at the Valley Stream QLMC (formerly HIP) center. Good Luck!
  2. Hi, I too had a frustrating time diagnonsis gluten sensitivity. My primary at the time was cluless. I found, then I sent in a stool test and it came back "significant gluten sensitivity". Then i sent in for the gene test and it came back that I did not have the main gene for celiac disease but had 2 copies of the gluten sensitivity gene. A gluten-free diet helped tremendoulsy. I urged my parents to be tested but their doctors refused. One year later after my mom had 1/2 her stomach removed due to stomach cancer the oncologist finally agreed to test her and she came back positive for celiac disease! I don't know what it will take to wake these doctors up... Check out Enterolab, Dr. Fine was right.. Nancy