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    I am a licensed FAA private pilot, rated to fly LTA's (lighter than air) or hot air balloons. Flying balloons is my hobby and I always feel the most "grounded" when up in the air.
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    Morgan Hill, California
  1. I just bought a Breadman bread machine from Sears and it has a gluten-free setting. Not only that, but it has gluten-free bread recipes inside! The machine was only $99.00, too. Perhaps you can catch a sale. Helen.
  2. I just bought a Breadman Ultimate at Sears for $99.00 and it has a Gluten Free setting. Not only that, but the recipe booklet includes great Gluten-Free recipes, too. I've been quite busy since I bought it, so I haven't had a chance to use it yet, but others who have say the bread it just wonderful. Good luck. Helen.