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  1. Still don't have a DX on it, I've been tested for celiac antobodies but came up negative, so then I had a test for Lupus antibodies and came up positive, but of course that doesn't mean I have Lupus. Now in addition to that type of rash I have eczema on my knees and ankles, and some other type of rash on my thighs/shins. The doctor said I probably have adrenal fatigue but I'd have to order a test since it's not covered in Canada. The last time I visited him he said to try avoiding gluten and dairy for 6 weeks and if there is no change from that then he will test me for parasites. But I am trying the dairy free/gluten free thing now, so far I've lost 7 pounds in a week as it's hard to find stuff eat now... So no, no diagnosis.
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  3. (of course you can click on them to make them bigger) Hi I'd just like a sampling from the people on this board if these pics look like DH or not? Thanks