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  1. Hello, (new) friend. Just curious: Have you ever gone to your local drug or health store and bought yourself alpha-lipoic acid? If so, any good results? - P.J.

  2. Been lactose intolerant since about age 10. Not long ago after about 3 months of being gluten-free I had some ice cream and forgot my lactaid tablet. Was pleasantly surprised to find a reversal of the lactose intolerance. This has been a consistent change. I'm curious why this happens. Then earlier this week I ingested some gluten, had the usual reaction though unlike many of you it's not severe, just a nuisance for a couple days. Well I ate ice cream within a couple days of the glutening and voila! Lactose intolerance returned. Has this happened to others? Thanks in advance.
  3. Thank you for this recommendation! I just had Kinnick the other day and it was awful! Same w/Nature's highlights. Both gooey inside. I'd resigned myself to the idea of never eating pizza again, and I make a very healthy sauteed veggie pizza that was once a staple. Going to try your fave crust.
  4. Is Candex similar to Caprylic acid? I used to take that and have been thinking of resuming as I still have ups and downs since going gluten-free.
  5. There are quite a few grain-free cat foods following the scare a couple years back. I feed mine a prescription food mixed with Wellness grain-free which you can get at many pet supply stores or on-line if your local store does not carry it.
  6. Tremor Anyone?

    In response to the various questions... it's shaking back and forth, like vibrating. Like I said it's a fine movement, so if someone isn't looking for it they probably would not notice. It happens mostly in my head and is a back and forth (as opposed to up and down) shaking. It developed with the onset of lupus and fibro in '02 and '03, but some of the symptoms I'd thought were part of these dx's, like ataxia and neuropathy, turns out are unusual with those problems but commonly found with celiac disease. This is why I ask, do any others with celiac have it? I did see a neurologist who did a brain MRI and found no abnormalities, so ... basically said don't worry about it. But it bugs me.
  7. Tremor Anyone?

    Mine is a very fine tremor in my head. Does anyone have this? Any theory how to improve it, say B12 twice a day instead of once, or...? Thanks!
  8. Frequently Asked Questions

    So funny! Thank you for that! :lol: :lol:
  9. Gluten Free Flour

    Do they have an expiration date? If so you could return them to the store and ask for a fresh package. Sorry can't help more, I've red good things about them and it's the responsibility of the Whole Foods to remove expired packages from their shelves; if it were me I'd talk with the manager. Maybe someone else could suggest another brand; I haven't baked anything except Betty Crocker cookies from a gluten-free mix. I've also bought Whole Foods gluten-free muffins several times and they were good. Also I try to remember to save my WF receipts, because the policy of the one near me anyway is, they accept returns on items whether opened or not, as long as the receipt is presented.
  10. Mcds French Fries

    This is only anecdotal, but I had some fries there last week for the first time since going gluten-free in May, and had no reaction. On the other hand, they're pretty junky so I don't intend to eat them more than once in a blue moon. Think that would be my path as well if I had a son or daughter.
  11. Maybe when you have a craving for pot. chips (it could be the salt and crunch you're drawn to) eat some salted nuts or seeds? I eat blue diamond roasted almonds w/sea salt. Nuts have fat but it's the kind your body needs. It sounds like you're on the right track talking w/your doc... maybe get some nutritional testing? Sometimes vitamin deficiencies cause us to eat more. HTH
  12. How Much Protein Do We Need?

    ITA, I enjoy quinoa. Eat for breakfast w/soy milk honey & cinnamon. The box has a recipe for quinoa tabbouleh I saved, plus I want to make quinoa stuffed peppers w/ground beef & onions when the weather cools down and I feel like turning on the oven.
  13. How Much Protein Do We Need?

    That's helpful. I've read from 50 to 100 grams which is a big swing. Half your weight I can abide by.
  14. t sin 3 Muskateers is also my treat. I rarely ate them before but read here it's a gluten-free candy and I;ve had one almost every day for 2 months now and love it. That's my only dessert, rest of diet healthy so w/that regimen I've lost 4 pounds. Could lose a few more still but NOT giving up my candy bar.