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  1. Barb, thank you very much for the info. That is helpful. Regard, Wayne
  2. Hello, Surfing the web I found that Briess sells a malted extract syrup made from sorghum. Supposedly it can be used as a 1:1 replacement for barley malt extract in beer recipes. Has anyone tried this material and if so can you recommend a recipe? Regards, Wayne
  3. Hi, Just bought a six-pack of Redbridge from Wild Oats in Portland, ME. At $8.29 per pack, it is still expensive beer, not much cheaper than Bard's. It taste better than Bard's IMO. Bard's has too much of a "syrup" taste for me. I hope all the gluten-free beer suppliers will start to force the prices down. Wayne
  4. I recently read on the web that Anheuser Busch is coming out with a gluten-free beer called "Red Bridge Sorghum" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!