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  1. Hi, We are considering moving to Seattle, so I googled celiac and Seattle and found this thread. I too, have been mainly plagued by neuro issues, and would love to find a specialist who understands this from a celiac perspective. I recently found a study out of Germany which speaks to anxiety, yet it doesn't refer to a suggested protocol: I would so appreciate hearing about treatments any of you have possibly come upon. Also, are there certain organs/systems which are compromised due to the celiac, which could be prompting the brain issues? I realize our neurotransmitter production is compromised due to unhealthy guts, but is there more I could know? I would give anything to have a consistent ability to think, get things done, sleep well, no depression, anxiety, fatigue, etc. Any names of docs you believe could be helpful, would also be appreciated! I am willing to travel. Could working with docs out of Columbia make a huge difference in my life? Thanks so much~ Best, Susan