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  1. Since Thyroid Disease is often triggered by Coeliac and the blood tests for Thyroid are extremely unreliable way too many people are needlessly suffering so called CFS or Fibromyalgia for the simple reason no one has correctly diagnosed their Thyroid Disease more info on
  2. Graves Disease = Hyperactive Thyroid= Overactive Thyroid= TOO MUCH THYROID HORMONE Is is not Hypothyroid Many Thyroid patients be they Graves Disease or Hashimotos also suffer Coeliac Its thought that the coeliac Disease triggers the Thyroid Disease but no one really knows My husband started with Graves Disease has Hashimotos .......also has Osteoporosis yet definitely no Coeliac Our grandaughter age 3 does have Coeliac Disease although her Mother (our daughter) and her husband and their son do not have Coeliac My sister and my Mother probably do have Coeliac though So the inherited pattern is weird