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      • Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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    1. CecilyF added a post in a topic Never Ending Bloating -   

      Puffee, I just posted something about this same problem! Pregnant-looking, severely bloated for over a year and a half. Cannot figure out what's causing it. Some days are better, but the bloating is taking over my life. I get very fatigued, sleepy, nauseated and unable to function. I cannot wear my clothes unless they have a stretchy waistband because I never know when it's going to swell.

      My food intolerances: wheat, soy, peanuts and aspartame

      Anyone else have a similar story or any advice for us?
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    2. CecilyF added a post in a topic Belly Sensitive To The Touch   

      I too suffer from the extreme bloating, but sometimes I cannot connect it to anything I've eaten. I've been asked if I was pregnant it was so badly swollen. I've also been told by a doctor to go on Weight Watchers, and I tried to explain that if it was weight, it wouldn't come and go to that extreme. Any wisdom or advice anyone wants to share.

      When I get glutened, I have flu-like symptoms...chills, sweats, nausea and of course the bloated stomach.

      Will this EVER end???
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    3. CecilyF added a topic in Celiac Disease - Related Disorders & Research   

      Help With Tsh Results
      Got my TSH results in and it was 1.340. What is normal? I took a quiz on the internet and I have 30 of the 33 symptoms of thyroid problems - weight gain, dry skin, sleeplessness, EXTREME fatigue (was in bed two days this week), ringing in the ears. I have pregnant-sized stomach that would go up and down, but it's been bloated now for three weeks. I have only been gluten-free since December and got better, but now I am *sick* again

      ANY help would be greatly appreciated
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    4. CecilyF added a post in a topic Feeling Helpless   

      I meant to tell you that I have a problem of looking 9 months preg one day and not the next
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    5. CecilyF added a post in a topic Feeling Helpless   

      Hang in there. I feel your pain, frustration and loss of *normal* life. I am fairly new, December '09, but I am beginning to see that everyone experiences days/weeks of depression. I have no words of wisdom, but praying and wishing you peace.
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    6. CecilyF added a post in a topic Bloating...   

      Does the bloating ever go away? I've been extremely bloated looking preg for a year and a half now. The bloat goes all the way around my back and is very uncnomfortable. I can't say pain, but it makes it hard to breathe. I cannot seem to get any relief since going gluten-free since December. Felt lots better at first, but now I am severely fatigued, ringing in ears, depressed and just want my life back. Any help would be greatly appreciated
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    7. CecilyF added a post in a topic Do You Crave Salt   

      I am too! I salt stuff that I've NEVER salted before.
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    8. CecilyF added a post in a topic Jackson, Ms   

      Hey Jackson, MS! I am in the Tupelo, MS area. Outback in Tupelo is VERY safe. The manager's daughter has Celiac, so he's very aware of gluten-free and cc. Do NOT eat at The Olive Garden in Tupelo. Thanks for the info!
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    9. CecilyF added a post in a topic Ringing In Ears Anyone Have This Ever And Often?What Was It?   

      I too have the ringing in the ears and asked my natural doc about it Monday. He thinks it is connected to my liver, which has/is congested, and thinks it will clear up when I get straightened out.
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    10. CecilyF added a post in a topic Is Extreme, Sudden Abdominal Bloating Part Of Celiac?   

      I too have extreme bloating and the other symptoms you described. I went gluten-free December 7th and my bloating has been better, but I still cannot get into my pants. I've had NO weight loss whatsoever and am VERY discouraged. I feel 100 percent better. I also find that right before my cycle I get extremely bloated. I went back to my natural doc Monday, and he said my thyroid and hormones are out of whack too. Anyone have any wisdom or knowlege for me.
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    11. CecilyF added a post in a topic Olive Garden gluten-free Menu   

      Oh, you are so right! Nothing is worth the year I lost of my life. I ordered from their gluten free menu, but it so was NOT! I am sticking to my tried and true food at home. Just wanted to warn everyone of my bad experience so they would not get sick. It's not as bad as I thought it was going to be. Thanks for your response
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    12. CecilyF added a post in a topic Looking For Help With Finding A gluten-free Face Wash   

      Does anyone know if Obagi is gluten free? I have emailed them and no response back. It doesn't seem to be bothering me, but I do want to switch to gluten free when I run out.
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    13. CecilyF added a topic in Gluten-Free Foods, Products, Shopping & Medications   

      Gluten Free Product List From Company
      ....Hope it's beneficial.


      Flavor Enhancers (all varieties)

      BRER RABBIT Molasses
      Mild, Full and Blackstrap

      BRER RABBIT Syrup
      Light & Full

      B & G
      Pickles, Peppers, Relishes, Capers, Sauerkraut, Green & Black Olives

      B & M Baked Beans
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    14. CecilyF added a post in a topic Olive Garden gluten-free Menu   

      So glad to hear your symptoms. I am new to this, one month, and I was deathly ill. I never threw up or anything, just ached all over with chills and sweats.

      No one else got sick, but I was the only one ordering from the gluten-free menu.
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