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  1. No! Once you fill the tub, if you sit in it for 3 minutes or you stay for 10... It doesn't change the amount or cost of the water. That's only relevant if you have 3 kids to cycle thru that same water. Is your hub bathing in the same water after you? Lol And even if you add some more hot and stay's much cheaper than perscription meds, vodka or a substance that is legal in a few states. Of course this only pertains to those of use with running water.... If you make your hub haul water from the creek or well and heat it over a fire....
  2. I didn't mean you personally... Of course they don't make bread, or whatever in a dairy "factory". I have seen no real scientific evidence that there is gluten in grain fed milk. If that were the case, I would think that the big Celiac organizations would warn us from eating milk, cheese, cream, etc.
  3. I use any kind of butter. I don't know where cc would come from? You don't make butter in the same place you make other foods.
  4. Beer is never gluten free unless it is specially made with gluten free grains. Malt/ barley is not gluten free. Perhaps you should do a little reading about Celiac disease from reputable sources, like the University of Chicago Celiac Center? It sounds like you might not have a good understanding of gluten and Celiac.
  5. I think that - knowing it is actually an option to not go - its your choice to go or not - helps me. If I choose to go, but don't have to, I find I am happier to put up with the inconveniences and stupid people
  6. do you have kids? Just hang out and play with them. If you don't - hang out and play with the other kids? If there are other things to do, like hike or play horse shoes, or something, maybe go do that. Take the host's dog for a walk. I once went to my husbands big bosses party and sat on the floor in a quiet corner, with my glass of wine and the host's old and sick dog. He really appreciated that as he loves his dog very much. If everyone is sitting down to eat at once, maybe you can give someone's baby a bottle over in the shade so they can enjoy their meal or take a squirmy toddler outside of the dining room. You get points for helpfulness and they don't see your food to comment on it. You can eat by yourself later. I do that sometimes. I find that a lot of, especially older people, respect a "my doctor said...." or "my doctor at the Univ of Chicago Celiac center says..." OK, so, you don't really go to Dr. G at U of C, but.... if you read their website, he does say you must be strictly gluten-free. And he is sort of a doctor for all Celiacs. Worked like a charm for my mom. lol Also a gruesome description of all the "holes in your intestines" might be good, too. lol
  7. It is an option not to go. Might not be the best choice, but it is an option. If you choose to go, just bring something really yummy and some treats. Then realize that if they aren't rude or nasty about your food, they would find something else to be that way about. That is just how they are.
  8. Gluten is very hard to digest, especially with a damaged system. So is dairy and acid and fatty things. That is why I said "bland diet". But it doesn't really matter, one way or the other. Those foods that you listed, assuming homemade, are gluten-free. So gluten probably wasn't the culprit this time. What concerns me is that you don't seem to understand the severity of your CT results. If they are what you have stated, Celiac is the least of your worries. If it were me, I would be pushing for an appointment, and endoscopy, colonoscopy, etc.
  9. If all of this is homemade food, you should be fine (gluten free). If you are eating at restaurants, you are likely not as gluten-free as you need to be to heal. But I am not really sure gluten intolerance is your problem, just a symptom. IF I had "my stomach was enlarged and my colon shrunk. There was also some narrowing in my intestines", I would be eating a bland diet and pressing the doctor's to find out what is really wrong with me!
  10. This part is confusing to me. " for the goodies that are considered hands-off due to gluten." Is that a typo or are you eating goodies with gluten? Worded oddly?
  11. Alos, if you look at ordering from them - there is no such disclaimer
  12. "Gluten Free Watchdog recently had three products from Sami’s Bakery (Millet and Flax Chips, Millet and Flax Lavash, and Plain Millet Bread) tested for gluten. Samples tested at a level of approximately 80,000 parts per million of gluten (see photo of final test results). According to the lab, “Based on these results, Bia Diagnostics believes this product to contain 25-50% wheat flour.” These products are NOT labeled gluten-free. Product packaging reads, “Contains traces of gluten, wheat and yeast.”...." "... Stores and delis continue to characterize Sami’s millet-based bread as either gluten-free or possibly contaminated with low amounts of gluten (see photos) ...."
  13. I would say that none of the Blizzards are gluten-free at Dairy Queen as they use the same mixer without thoroughly washing it between flavors. Some of the flavors have gluteny cookies in them that could still be stuck on the mixer. As a side note - I am extremely surprised that a "Super Sensitive" such as yourself would even consider eating anything at any restaurant, much less a fast food place.
  14. If you have given up gluten, then you can't get a blood test. Would be nice to know what caused all those "Itises".