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  1. I have to tell you that, about 3 years ago, I went to the International Celiac Disease Symposium. The coffee cross-reactive myth was discussed as we were all consuming vast quantities of Starbucks coffee provided by the Sheraton. Needless to say, it was good for a laugh. http://www.cureceliacdisease.org/faq/whats-with-all-the-talk-about-certain-types-of-food-causing-cross-reactivity/
  2. Gluten Cross-reactive foods is some sort of odd internet myth. It started with a company that wanted to sell bogus medical tests. They have even admitted that the coffee thing isn't true - they used gluten contaminated instant coffee. However, you have to look at the small print in a lot of nonsense in a large binder of stuff to find that fact. I did it with one of their company reps.. anyway.... If coffee bothers you, it may just be that it is hard on your system. Maybe you can get it back after some healing. And it doesn't sound like you had much protein that week. edit - just looked at the ingredients- that isn't just coffee - who knows what part of it bothered you? ingredients on GMO Dark Roast Coffee, Chlorogenic Acid, Garcinia Cambogia 95%,Phaseolamin, Cassiolamine Green Tea 100:1 Extract, Ginseng 100:1 Extract, L-Carnitine with Chromium.
  3. That's how he makes his money... of course you will not get them to agree that the tests are bogus! Same with all these " miracle" supplements that claim to " digest" gluten. If you call them, , of course they are going to say they work! http://www.cureceliacdisease.org/faq/why-dont-you-recognize-tests-stool-tests-or-otherwise-for-gluten-sensitivity-that-are-currently-available-through-companies-like-enterolab-or-cyrex/ "We only embrace tests that have endured rigorous scientific evaluations. So far, these tests have received no evidence-based support. Enterolab has never successfully published anything on the accuracy of stool tests (nor have any other stool test manufacturers, to our knowledge) making it difficult to confirm the research results. Because of this, we must make our decisions based on what hasbeen published; Harvard, UCSD, and the American College of Gastroenterology all agree that stool tests are simply not sensitive or specific enough methods in screening for celiac disease. We can say therefore with confidence that the test currently being used by these labs is not good enough. In fact, while it is true that about 40% of people with proven gluten sensitivity have elevated AGA-IgG, it is also true that about 15-25% of the healthy individuals who have absolutely nothing wrong also have elevated AGA-IgG. Hence, about 60% of gluten sensitive people do not have elevated AGA-IgG (making the test not sensitive enough); and about 20% of normal, non-gluten sensitive people have elevated AGA-IgG for no apparent reason (making the test not specific enough)."
  4. What GEE EFF said! Look for incubators, some business schools and even community colleges will have classes about starting your own business & info about financing one. There is a lot more to a business then just making and selling and getting someone else to buy the food Taxes - paying and collecting in different cities or tax zones, health department codes, liability insurance (vehicular and general business ), renting a health dept approved kitchen, a small business lawyer to help you "become a real company", permits, "booth fees", etc. You can probably avoid some of it right now, just selling at a local farmer's market. add- You might check with your state. Some states have funds or low interest loans. It helps if you are a "minority".
  5. It appears that surgery is one thing that can trigger Celiac disease. Just want to add - once you have Celiac , you always have Celiac. It isn't an "imbalance" and can't be reversed. The only current treatment for Celiac disease is a gluten free diet.
  6. Splenda was gluten-free back in 2005 when this thread was active and its still gluten-free now! I like it better than aspartame as aspartame gives me a stomach ache. But some people are the exact opposite.
  7. Looks like 1 Celiac antibody test & its negative. the IGa = 356 just means that you make enough of the stuff that an IGA test looks for. A few people don't, so that's why they have to have that.
  8. If you have been eating gluten free, here things should all get better. Perhaps you have some other issue that needs to be addressed?
  9. I would like to clear something up here..... " Celiac. Com" doesn't " say" anything. It doesn't do research. Sometimes it links to studies or articles published elsewhere. It allows people to express thier opinions, thoughts, links to info, etc. Using " Celiac. Com " as a scientific source isn't valid. Perhaps saying " in this article, on c. Com that I am linking to", would be more valid? Then people could see where the info comes from - the study, pharmaceutical company, etc. The fact is, you can find someone's post or an article that will contradict another article. This forum and site are for sharing information but it's is not a scientific entity.
  10. "see this link http://www.news-medical.net/news/20150701/Spouses-Relatives-Of-Celiac-Disease-Patients-At-Risk-For-Autoimmune-Diseases.aspx where they say quoting "While the excess risk found in celiac first-degree relatives can be explained by genetics, the higher risk in spouses points to the impact of environmental factors" like stress in their environment. Mind you these people don’t’ have the genetics for it. Now technically if we listen to “Classic Genetics” only those who have the Celiac GENES can get sick of Celiac disease? Right?" I am not sure that really says that the spouse had no genes for Celiac. I think it's worded awkwardly. The spouses don't share he same genetics with thier spouses ( well...al least spouse aren't usually first degree relatives.lol).
  11. Wheat germ oil, stuff labelled wheat something ... maybe oats. It is only important that it be gluten-free if it goes in your mouth - like a lipstick.
  12. Corn tortillas are cheap in the US. They are just water and corn. I think the secret to making them is getting the right " grind" or texture of corn. Just saw this on my Facebook about flour substitutions. You might find this helpful https://www.glutenfreegigi.com/substituting-gluten-free-flours-and-starches/
  13. I just realized that you said you won't eat eggs for some reason. You will have to use an replacer like chia and / or flax or " egg replacer". I don't know what a " China diet" is but I wonder why you feel the need to limit yourself so much and make life's harder than it needs to be. I guess if you are trying to eat like Chinese people did before modern times - you wouldn't eat corn . I not think they'd had sorghum, but they did eat eggs. Might be duck eggs or whatever eggs they could get thier hands on. I know they ate bugs and snakes, too.
  14. I jùst buy corn tortillas. Not sure if you can where you live? Google some recipes. You need a bit more than tapioca and sorghum. You might want another starch like arrowroot and maybe some xantham gum, maybe flax seeds or some pectin. You may need to adjust the amount of " wet " ingredients. There are many goo recipes on line. you might use the search function on here and see I found you can find some recipes. I know we have had a few nice ones.
  15. It is suggested to cut out dairy because lactose is hard to digest. With most lactose intolerance, you may find you don't have to avoid all dairy. You may be able to tolerate a small amount or some dairy items that have little to no lactose. Check "lactose intolerance" on the internet. For the salad dressings - maybe google "lactose free ranch dressing"? Or " vegan ranch dressing"