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  1. Do you want to tell us the name of it ans where it is located. maybe someone else will be looking for a restaurant there. Also, it is very helpful if you go to Find me Gluten Free and review it.
  2. Yes. And wouldn't it have been nice if your doctor had tested you for Celiac disease before you went gluten free? Then you would know if your issues are Celiac or not. That would help you know how careful you need to be, what other illnesses and problems to look for, whether you might be passing a genetic disease on to your children, if you should look for another cause of your symptoms, etc
  3. After I posted , I looked it up. I LOVE to see a place with great reviews from a few years back up to current! Makes me feel confident in their ability to be gluten-free.
  4. Would you review this on Find Me Gluten free? You can use the app or just go to it on line. If the restaurant isn't listed, there is a way to suggest it. I have done that and it works. Many of us look at that site/ app
  5. What's an " iodine test"? Haven't heard doctors doing that to diagnose DH.
  6. Ok guys! The original post was 3 years ago! Ingredients, manufacturing methods, labeling, etc. may have changed during that time. A lot of companies have really come a long way on gluten-free in the last 3-4 years.
  7. The tests test for the antibodies in the blood stream. It can take a while to build up enough antibodies in the blood to register on a test.
  8. If you eat Cheerios, then you might be getting a small dose of gluten. It will depend on if you get one of the boxes with a lot of gluten or are lucky and get one that is <20 ppm.
  9. Never had an issue with Kraft cheeses. Maybe she shouldn't eat diary for a while? Celiac disease damages the part of the intestines that digest the lactose in cheese/dairy. It can take several months to get that ability back. Also, when you are new, it really could be anything. It could just be that she isn't digesting much of anything well. It could be another food you are eating with the cheese or 2 hours before the cheese. There is a learning curve to eating and preparing food gluten free.
  10. I get it. `Nevermind. There isn't anything I can help you with. I am not starting that up again! Of course we never said you should breathe in visible wheat flour! That could certainly be ingested. You were talking about a store down the street glutening you if you went our your door. That is different. I hope you figure out a way to live a nice life - for your sake and your children's.
  11. I agree with Gemini. I think you need to see a doctor and find out what is really wrong with you. I doubt, even if you have celiac, that that is what is causing all these issues.
  12. People with Hashi's might have a slightly elevated level. This is off the charts elevated. Looks like about 4-6 % of people with Hashi's have Celiac
  13. I wouldn't worry about that ingredient as the product is so highly refined (as the article states) and such a tiny percentage of the product. I think you are worrying about the wrong things. Hand sanitizers and wipes are an unlikely place to get any gluten into your GI tract. With a kid this age, her real gluten challenges will be from friends or not "believing" she needs to be careful with food. If she continues to get gluten in her diet, it is likely she is putting it there herself. That is where I think you need to put your efforts.
  14. That's a husband job! Lol I usually grate but sometimes it's nice to have the convience.
  15. I think a lot of comments were about getting gluten off of hands. Maybe people misunderstood. A hand sanitizer won't remove any dirt or gluten, but it might kill some of the "germs" that are present.