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  1. Johnny Carinos

    Those don't look like they are from the restaurant. If the actual restaurant doesn't know the ingredients in the food - RUN!
  2. It is probably fine. Very few meds actually have gluten. shows as gluten-free on this list
  3. The letter I am suggesting has nothing to do with the doctor. I would type it and walk it to the desk when are in the building for your other appointment.
  4. Sort of funny. Says no wheat at the bottom but also says this " Other Ingredients: Proprietary Protein Blend (Soy Protein Isolate, Whey Protein Concentrate), Cocoa (processed with alkali), Inulin, Oat Fiber, Fructose, Natural Flavors, Maltodextrin, Soy Lecithin, Tricalcium Phosphate, Xanthan Gum. Contains milk and soy ingredients. Contains wheat ingredients. I bet they do not use gluten free oats, so its a bit of a gamble. Not one a Celiac should take as there is no such thing as "not severe Celiac". Even if you don't feel the damage, consuming gluten will start damaging you. Maybe its just catching up with you.
  5. I am assuming United States- It has been a long time since I studied health info law, but I doubt this part has changed. A doctor would not change the record just because you said its wrong. They might make a correction if they remembered or had actual facts (like a lab test read incorrectly or appearing later). What you are allowed to do is write a letter to be included in the record. You need to put in larger letters at the top, something like "This note must be included with any release of information from my medical record". I am not sure how it is handled with electronic releases these days. You could contact a medical records department (ask for the release of info section) at a large hospital near you and ask how they handle it. Be nice and tell them it isn't a problem with their facility but you know they are the experts. I would urge you to make the note short and not nit pick. State the big basic facts that you don't agree with and don't worry about the little things. People will not read a really long note or it will make you look crazy (in a bad way ) And for the apt with your neurologist. Don't bring it up, see what he/she says first. Half the time they don't read all the little details or even receive more than a brief - tests run & results and maybe a brief summary. You might be surprised, your doc might think the person is a bit of a jerk, but hoped you might mesh with them. I recently had my doc agree with me when I said I couldn't stand another doc that had been in her practice. lol
  6. What symptoms after cheating?

    I looked them up and they do not contain gluten in any flavor. Sometimes it can be other things - acid in the juice, for instance. some days I am fine with fresh tomatoes and lemonade, etc and some days, I get heartburn. And once I get it, it takes a few days or a week to get back to eating them again. Probably some sort of imbalance in my stomach acid and the foods I ate with it....Not sure why.
  7. What symptoms after cheating?

    I have never seen cranberry juice with gluten. which one is it?
  8. Nothing left to eat

    You are talking about lactose intolerance. It is the sugar in dairy. Many adults, Celiac or not, cannot digest the lactose. For a Celiac, the part of the villi damaged by Celiac produces the enzyme that digests this sugar. When your villi heal, you may regain the ability to digest this sugar. You may not, because many adults don't make that enzyme. Some adults may produce varying amounts of lactase (the enzyme), and that may allow them to digest small amounts of lactose (the sugar). Hard cheeses usually have very lactose so many people can digest them fine.
  9. I have never heard of a pad with gluten in it, even if skin contact could give a Celiac reaction.
  10. Upper endoscopy

    Could be. Give it a day or 2.
  11. Amber Waves of Grain

    You have to ingest the actual " seed" to get gluten. So, on a very windy day, maybe some seeds would get loose and fly over to your house? Then, you would have to swallow the seed. I can't believe a farmer would just change what he or she is growing because you have Celiac. If you are worried that a windy day during harvesting season would cause you to eat gluten grains, you should probably stay inside or leave the area. the "seeds" are not so small, like pollen or flour, to get in through your screens or Windows and doors. Because se it's been wet, maybe there is a mold on the wheat that is bothering you? That is small enough to be airborne and infiltrate small cracks.
  12. Don't see why. She has an exceptionally positive test and is getting a biopsy. When a ttg is that high, it can only mean celiac . Check the univ of Chicago celiac center site for more info. Not able to link right now. She can follow up in 6-12 months with the dgp and the ttg and see how they look then
  13. I don't think any of us mentioned that? But there is medical research on "leaky gut". If you would like to discuss that , please start a new topic in that section
  14. With a ttg over 100, there will be damage. Slightly elevated ttg can mean something else. 100+ is extremely elevated. It will just depend on how good your gi is. Hopefully, he will take at least 6 samples. Celiac damage an be spotty. You can have some good sections and some bad ones, it's possible to miss the and section.
  15. I know they would be pleased if you shared it from their Facebook page - Food Equity Initiative.