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  1. you should report that doc to the state medical society. ASAP
  2. a serving of protein in the AM would be good.
  3. damage is too far down the small intestine for them to reach. see if they would take an improvement with diet to dx.
  4. the gene test will not tell you if she has it or not, and will cost time and money. if you need a hard and fast dx, go with the endoscopy.
  5. No! Protonix is enteric coated, no cutting allowed! comes in 20 and 40 mg doses and a liquid. and yes it should be tapered. i would be curious why the buffering system in you duodenum is not working? that would be pancrease yes?
  6. could be from your neck, or it is, literally, in your head. perhaps a scan is needed.
  7. ask your ped if they would give the dx with the improvement with dietary intervention alone, after all, years ago,, that WAS the test, lol.
  8. Ennis,drop the oats!..and where is your protein? why egg white and no yolk?
  9. crazy ar-- pediatrician
  10. were is the rest of the testing????
  11. if you are in the USA, gene tesing is incomplete. so can not be depended upon.
  12. giardia is not consistently present. would have to do serial testing to catch, you were lucky the second time.
  13. I_would_widen_the_search_to_your_whole_environment.....Carefully_consider_what_else_was_different_when_you_felt_better.
  14. i hope you tipped that waitress well????