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  1. i am presuming that the boils were dx as acne inversa, which can have a relationship to celiac in some persons
  2. after you get yourself squared away, these docs need reporting. out right lying to you...
  3. some persons have found it easier, especially with nongut issues, to eat the gluten before bed...
  4. i am presuming you are in the UK they have done the testing that that they are going to do. you will need to go private. i would wait till after your thesis is done. good luck.
  5. was not my thought, at all. there are dunderheads in all job categories, lol.
  6. then she is uneducated, and i am glad you have gone on to someone else
  7. actually i am nurse, love 12's, 10's are better! and don't forget the pharmacy checking for gluten in meds. lots of tired nurses because 12's turn into 14s and 16s. or working 60 hours in a week because it is cheaper to pay over time, than the benefits for another nurse.
  8. Vitamin D supplement?

    hopefully you are not taking those little green footballs.....
  9. Oat Flour making me sick?

    there are many other grains to chose from...
  10. what bothers me about this, is that basically your doc lied by omission. you made it clear that you would pay, and she did not order the tests anyway.
  11. the "a" and the "b", refer to alpha and beta. the results are enumerating the different alleles. all you needed was the top two lines. BUT, if you have been gluten free, totally, then you should not be symptomatic of celiac.
  12. check for BLUE food coloring...
  13. CoQ10 deficiency can also cause balance issues.
  14. Yes, ATTITUDE, in all caps, and i am in the field of health care...!