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  1. ask your ped if they would give the dx with the improvement with dietary intervention alone, after all, years ago,, that WAS the test, lol.
  2. Ennis,drop the oats!..and where is your protein? why egg white and no yolk?
  3. crazy ar-- pediatrician
  4. were is the rest of the testing????
  5. if you are in the USA, gene tesing is incomplete. so can not be depended upon.
  6. giardia is not consistently present. would have to do serial testing to catch, you were lucky the second time.
  7. I_would_widen_the_search_to_your_whole_environment.....Carefully_consider_what_else_was_different_when_you_felt_better.
  8. i hope you tipped that waitress well????
  9. good! i am sick and tired of the old canard, "boys will be boys", which I was afraid we were going to hear in this case. We are raising adults, not children.
  10. B12, once you are lacking, probably always req. supplement. won't exaggerate y our H+H, only bring it to norm, if low. Resp. disease, such as COPD, will drive H+H up. Curious your iron stores being low...may OP is correct and now, since your IMMEDIATE needs are taken care of, the storage can begin? perhaps NO change of supplement regimen, and recheck in 3-6 months?
  11. do you have any respiratory diseases?
  12. are you urinating out what you take in? is it overly clear, ie without color? have you been tested for diabetes?