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  1. I also wound up in the hospital when I was sick. I was diagnosed a little over a year ago and it did take a while to feel better. I was totally convinced something else had to be going on. There are days where I still feel terrible, but overall I feel great.......I'm even in the process of training for my first marathon. Hang in there, it takes time.
  2. Newly Diagnosed And Feeling Lousy!

    There are very few diseases that cause villi issues. Plus the fact that you felt better after eliminating gluten from your diet should assure you that this is the issue. I've been gluten free for 5 months and still have many issues that come and go. So it does take a lot of time and patience.
  3. What Did You Eat Today?

    I didn't have breakfast Lunch I had a lobster and steamer clams Skipped dinner, but had gluten free brownies and cookies. It's only 6:30 so I will probably eat something around 8
  4. Everytime I get glutened, I use something called Detox 7. I get it at rite aid, and it seems to help.
  5. I just use the Target men's brand UP&UP. It says gluten free in very small print under the ingredients list.
  6. Dry Onion Soup Mix

    Be careful to get the Lipton onion soup mix and not the Lipton golden onion soup mix. The labels looks the same, and my wife has made the mistake a few times.
  7. KC Masterpiece BBQ

    I was under the impression that the FDA does not require barley, rye or oats to be listed because they are not a major allergen.
  8. Yellow stool is usually the result of food passing through your system too quickly. It happens to me every time I accidentally ingest gluten. Gallbladder issues can also cause yellow stool, but it is more often a grey/clay colour. I would try adding psyllium husk fiber into your diet to help normalize everything. I hope that was helpful. Good luck
  9. My TTG went back to normal after a little less than 3 months
  10. Bbq Sauce

    There are a ton of recipes on line that will work. Just google bbq sauce recipe. I just use sweet baby rays
  11. Land O Lakes Cheese

    It sounds fine to me. Basically, they are just covering their asses. They can not say an item is gluten free, but they can say it does not contain any gluten. The whole thing is just ridiculous!
  12. MSG is gluten free. It's a mixture of glutamate, salt and water.......none of witch contain gluten. It's not good for you, but it does not contain gluten.
  13. Celiac & Human History Please Read!

    Buckwheat isn't a grain at all. I believe it's an herb
  14. Am I Reading This Right?

    Sorry, I was confusing the Thyroglobulin antibody test, and the Thyroglobulin test's been a while since I thought that hard.