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    Diagnosed 3/3/10. Finally (!) well and loving life! I kayak, walk, rv, do crafts & love life with my partner of 18 yrs & 3 our furkids. Loving this new life of ours in Central Oregon.
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  1. That's hard. You can try the "I come to be social," "I have serious food allergies", "I only come to drink"...... whatever might feel comfortable. I know celiac is not an allergy but more people understand if you say celiac is like a severe food allergy. Do go, have fun. Don't let food stop you. Yes, people give looks but honestly they get to know that this is just you and hopefully they will come to accept it.
  2. Agree! That is a difficult spot to be in. I have a friend who insists she can cook for me. I have tried the "I come for the company, not the food", "I am celiac.." etc. I finally gave up and said "I love you but no!". It's very hard. Very hard! But stay strong.
  3. I never ate at the fair but always "rewarded" myself with a nice glass of wine at the wine and beer patio! The corn on the cob might be ok but I have to agree with the poster who mentioned that stuff at the fair probably isn't terribly clean. Stuff your purse with snacks and enjoy. My partner would feel bad about eating in front of my and I would just - I don't feel bad so that's your problem, not mine! lol
  4. Bob's processes the gluten free items in a separate facility
  5. If you cant be sure then don't eat it!
  6. SOunds like the quinoa. My partner can't process it while I can - in a limited amount. It's difficult to digest. Drop it from you diet for a couple of months then go back and try it again., Give that gut time to heal!
  7. This is something learned with experience. You may want to go with a simple coffee that offer less chance for cross contamination. Starbucks offers so many different drinks and do not "celiac" wash the equipment.
  8. My elderly father has gluten from one end to the other. I scrub on part of the counter, put my food items on paper towels, take my own dish (or use paper) and take easy to prepare or already prepared meals. Good time to pull out those frozen left overs and take them with you. I take hard boiled egg for breakfast, salad.....anything easy to transport. I also put my food on paper towels in his refrig. Not that anything is going to bother my container foods it just makes me feel better!
  9. I usually have sautéed yellow peppers, kale (or spinach) mushrooms as a base. Then throw in some leftovers like baked sweet potato, or chicken chunks, add an egg and call it a breakfast!
  10. Lay's regular chips are gluten free. You might have reacted to the super greasy chips or one of the other ingredients in them.
  11. Agree! The ice cream itself is most likely gluten free, it's the mixer since they don't super clean between uses. If they make those cookie or brownie shakes you are getting trace amounts of gluten. I have safely had their plain hot fudge sundae. Also, the ice cream has lots of added ingredients and you may be lactose intolerant.
  12. I have to agree with the responses. I wouldn't do it. If a food has been processed down to a powdered form then many of the natural nutrients has probably been processed out as well. Also how many other ingredients have been added into this to make it "pill form". Much healthier to eat a carrot than take it in pill form. In the beginning o my healing process the doctor suggested only eating cooked veggies as opposed to raw. Easier to digest
  13. Six years g.f. and my absolute rule is never eat at anyone's home unless they are also celiac. That rules out everyone except for one friend! Every time I bent the rule I got sick. It can be as easy as someone using the wrong spoon. Not worth it. I always take a little something for myself and no one questions it any more. It was hard in the beginning but everyone is used to my food "quirks" now.
  14. It looks safe. If wheat were in the natural flavors it would be declared.
  15. I always say "allergy" as the establishment will take extra precautions. A lot of people eat g.f. by choice or have gluten intolerance and maybe don't have to be as careful . It's just easier to say "allergy".