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    Diagnosed 3/3/10. Finally (!) well and loving life! I kayak, walk, rv, do crafts & love life with my partner of 18 yrs & 3 our furkids. Loving this new life of ours in Central Oregon.
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  1. Nothing left to eat

    I usually have sautéed yellow peppers, kale (or spinach) mushrooms as a base. Then throw in some leftovers like baked sweet potato, or chicken chunks, add an egg and call it a breakfast!
  2. Lay's regular chips are gluten free. You might have reacted to the super greasy chips or one of the other ingredients in them.
  3. Sonic Gluten Free

    Agree! The ice cream itself is most likely gluten free, it's the mixer since they don't super clean between uses. If they make those cookie or brownie shakes you are getting trace amounts of gluten. I have safely had their plain hot fudge sundae. Also, the ice cream has lots of added ingredients and you may be lactose intolerant.
  4. I have to agree with the responses. I wouldn't do it. If a food has been processed down to a powdered form then many of the natural nutrients has probably been processed out as well. Also how many other ingredients have been added into this to make it "pill form". Much healthier to eat a carrot than take it in pill form. In the beginning o my healing process the doctor suggested only eating cooked veggies as opposed to raw. Easier to digest
  5. Six years g.f. and my absolute rule is never eat at anyone's home unless they are also celiac. That rules out everyone except for one friend! Every time I bent the rule I got sick. It can be as easy as someone using the wrong spoon. Not worth it. I always take a little something for myself and no one questions it any more. It was hard in the beginning but everyone is used to my food "quirks" now.
  6. It looks safe. If wheat were in the natural flavors it would be declared.
  7. I always say "allergy" as the establishment will take extra precautions. A lot of people eat g.f. by choice or have gluten intolerance and maybe don't have to be as careful . It's just easier to say "allergy".
  8. Thank you celiac Sharon. That was the first thing that jumped out at me too - he is a boyfriend, not a husband, and he acts like that??? You wrote "Because to me it seems insensitive and I dont get how he wouldnt try his best to make our kitchen safe for me. He makes it seem like I am selfish for wanting this for myself. I couldnt disagree more with him and I dont know how to not make this a source of conflict.". Sorry to be so blunt but..... if he's this bad now then he is not going to be any better in the future. If he cares about you and your wellbeing he would be trying to make sure things are safe and g.f. for you. This is your health we are talking about. I would ditch him now. Just saying!
  9. I'll drink to learning about wine! It's gluten free!!! (except wine coolers. Forget the wine coolers. )
  10. I run with the gluten withdrawal. Also, your body is starting to heal and you are now processing the nutrients. Up until now your body may well have been in a starvation mode as your nutrients went sailing right through you. As ,long as you are eating good, clean, healthy foods I wouldn't worry. During my first year there were times when I would wake up at night and actually eat a meal cause I was so hungry! Chomp away!
  11. I was going to say thyroid as well and most definitely check your iron levels. I am 6 years g.f. and constantly battle chronic fatigue. I would sleep 10 to 12 hours and take a 2 hour nap during the day. Now I am on 325mg iron x 3 a day. If I get lazy and don't take it, I pay! Even tho I eat quite well my doctor explained that some celiacs just plain don't process the iron and always have trouble. So, if it was me, I would run to the doctor and get your iron levels and b12 checked.,
  12. First ~ Re-introducing gluten after so many years is an "old" thing. I am 6 years diagnosed and I was originally told that same thing by my Dr. At the time my doctor was not terribly familiar with Celiac and started doing research right along with me. After she did more research on the (then) current studies she changed that to a "never eat gluten again!" What happens, with some people (note I say "some"), is that once your gut does heal you enter into what can be called the "honeymoon" period. Your gut is healed and you can consume gluten without feeling physically sick. But... and this is the biggy should you be one of those who can tolerate it..... eventually you will get sick again. And all during the time you were happily munching on gluten and not feeling physically sick the damage to your insides was still going on. So... only you can answer if it is worth it or not. I say no!! Second ~ I am 6 years gluten free. I can count the number of times I have consumed gluten, each time was a total accident. So, to your question on consistency, I would say it has been six years. And third ~ As for perfecting the diet, well, that can have several answers. Yes, like most everyone, I struggled greatly in the beginning to learn what gluten was and where it hides. My feeling of perfection came after about 3 years when I discovered the Paleo diet and went pretty strict Paleo. That is when it became a very simple thing and my health improved dramaticly. Personally, I would grab a Paleo book, see how simple g.f. can be. Read about the effects wheat can have on everyone (not just those with celiac) and I think you will have an easier time of it. Good luck to you. !!
  13. Well, here's my two cents on this one.... Yes, you can used shared stainless pots IF they are washed well in between uses. The only one I would not share is a pasta pot, even if run through the dishwasher as that pasta paste is sometimes very hard to completely remove. Run stuff through the dishwasher together, that's fine. (Restaurants run everything through together - think that way) Separate strainers, toaster, plastic or wood utensils! I would use a separate towel & sponge. And I say separate towel as too often a towel is left on the kitchen counter and it is grabbed for general wipe/toweling. If you are just drying dishes then a common one is fine. Buy some bright red ones for you. Separate butter, condiments, peanut butter. Anything that can be double dipped into should be separate.
  14. It was almost 2 years before I could manage any dairy. At almost 6 years I still can't manage much - and I am a cheese lover too! A very (very very) small dish of ice cream every few months is about all I can do in the ice cream dept. I can do cheese in a dish, like tacos or stuffed potato and a piece or so here and there. We used to do cheese & crackers for a quick lunch when we were traveling & driving but that's too much cheese now. So, I settle for a cheesy dish and a piece here and there. And yes, I agree, start with a small piece or so of hard cheese and see how it goes. Scary to take that first bite tho isn't it!!!
  15. Just venting.....

    You may have a Pity Party. It's all part of this process. I had so darn many Pity Parties in the beginning! Bummer was that not many people showed up! ha Seriously, hang in, it will pass and the positive feelings will come back.