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  1. Oh, and theres a good German celiac forum here. If you can register I'm sure there are loads of people that can help.
  2. Hi I've posted this before (with just a couple of edits) and thought it might be helpful. This is a decent restaurant, hotel and store search site for gluten free stuff. It's in German but Goolge translate will sort that for you. There are some tips here for restaurants that cater to allergy suffers, it's only general but most of them cater to celiacs I would say. http://www.Lame (a link from this website got deleted once so if it doesn't appear just search "d e l i c a r d o dining out guide" without the superfluous spaces) If you want yome German allergy vocab you can get it from this website. DM is a store that has lots of gluten free products. Its in Germany and eastern Europe. Store finder -- Alnatura also has loads of gluten freee products but is only in germany I think. Store list -- Hope this helps
  3. You could also check, they should have a few reviews for restaurants in San Diego
  4. Thats great pawlski, I'm sure lots of people will find your tips really helpful
  5. I guess that 2nd website is not in this forums good books then?
  6. Toaster bags are deinitely a good option. Also if you stick to basic things like cheese and fresh fruit you will avoid being glutened. I found this blog about travelling with gluten a list of links here http://www.Lame all related to travelling with food allergies.
  7. If you go to this website and search in Salzburg State you get a couple of restaurant and hotel suggestions This website also came up with more spots If you want yome German allergy vocab you can get it from this website and this website does allergy cards in German www.Lame hope this helps
  8. This forum might be able to help Alternatively you could try your luck at There should be plenty of New Zealand based translators for Samoan - English as lots of Samoans live there, it's just a matter of finding them.
  9. Hi I noticed that that one of the links I posted before wasn't working. as I said its only in german but google translate will sort it out. Theres a vocab list here that you can download too or just get some cards from Oh and very important is the gluten-free beer that you can get in Cologne, Residenz Beer. It is made in the region and can be found in most bottle shops (Getr
  10. Italy is great for celiac disease, it is a recognised disease there and sufferers get free gluten free food. Maybe the people at the celiac society of italy will be able to help? You can contact them here
  11. just remembered that there is this site too, it hasn't been active since december last year though
  12. Maybe these vocab print-outs would be helpful? In Germany you can find gluten free stuff in DM stores, Alnatura and most organic stores (bioladen) if you are looking for substitutes. there's also a blog with lists of stores and restaurants for different cities in Germany Its in German but google translate should sort it out ok. You can also try translated cards form, or Just plan ahead and it will put your parents at ease maybe, europeans are well versed in celiac disease (in Italy you get free gluten free food for example!) so the only problem would be the language barrier which can be overcome. Enjoy your travels and cross your fingers that dormant volcanoes stay dormant while youre in europe, it was crazy here last week.
  13. in general, celiac restaurant cards can be helpful, you can send them in advance to restaurants if you want to book a table for example so the chef has a bit of time to think about suitable meals. there're free ones here (basic ones on lots of languages) or you can buy them here (more detailed and like business cards in lots of languages) there're also websites like and that my be helpful (they are new so don't have so many reviews as yet) i hope that helps with planning time
  14. This word list may also be helpful
  15. Heres another handy website maybe, they make gluten free products Maybe email them and find out where you can buy their products in Poland? Theres also a company in germany that makes celiac cards, I'm not sure if they have Polish cards but could probably have them made considering their are som many poles in Germany. all the best