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      • Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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    1. minibabe added a post in a topic Intravenous Healing?   

      Yea, but i have had a run in with really bad doctors. No one has ever been able to help me. I really need to find a good doctor.

      Thank you.

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    2. minibabe added a post in a topic Intravenous Healing?   

      I am not sure. Someone had mentioned it to me and I could not find anything on the internet about it. So I figured I would post up and maybe someone else has heard of it.

      It is somthing that is supposed to "heal" you, or maybe somthing that is supposed to help you better respond to the diet.

      I have been on the diet and it is not working for me. I still feel HORRIBLE

      I am really at a loss and my family is pushing me to find somthing else that will help me, because they hate seeing me like this.
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    3. minibabe added a topic in Celiac Disease - Post Diagnosis, Recovery/Treatment(s)   

      Intravenous Healing?
      Hi, just wondering if anyone has ever heard of this. I have heard that they do this for people that do not respond to the gluten-free diet. I have bee on the diet for about 2 years now and I still do not feel good.

      Thank you for you help

      Amanda NY
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    4. minibabe added a post in a topic Deprovera   

      Yea I was on the Nuvaring and I had spotting......I was not going to put up with that all summer long

      My doctor told me to stop it and come up with another solution. I still dont have another solution but I know that I will not do the depo.
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    5. minibabe added a post in a topic Deprovera   

      I really appericate everyone sharing their stories with me. I am not going to be going on the depo. I do not want to gain weight and it is like a 9-10 ratio. (9 being how many people that do not like it). Not really sure what I am going to do but I am glad that I did not do that

      thank you everyone
      this forum is the BESTEST!

      Amanda NY
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    6. minibabe added a post in a topic Deprovera   

      I know that this may sound retarted but what are the days when you are fertile?

      Is it like the week before or somthing like that I can never remeber

      thank you guys so much, (I dont think that i will be going on depo )

      Amanda NY
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    7. minibabe added a post in a topic Deprovera   

      I had spotting. I would have my period for like three weeks a month and then not have it for a month.
      It was HORRIBLE!!!!

      I do not want to take the pill becuase of the celiac diease. I am afraid that if I have a gluten attack, and then I take my medication it will not work. Because if you become glutened your body does not absobe anything (but I know that you already know that ).

      I do not want any unexpected surprises. I am still in college and I have a boyfriend that I have been with for two years now. We both do not need any expected surprises.

      My doctor will also not prescribe the patch because I was on that for a while and I thought that it was great but she is totally against it. The nuva ring did work for about a month then it got all retarted on me.
      I wish that it did work because it was not a bother at all.

      If anyone else has any other suggestions feel free to suggust away!

      (I am totally for being on birth control because I am not ready for a baby right now.)

      Thanks gals :)

      Amanda NY

      My doctor is cool with the IUD, but she will not let me do it because I am to young.
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    8. minibabe added a topic in Gluten-Free Foods, Products, Shopping & Medications   

      I was on the nuvaring; but it did not work for me. Anyone ever had an experience with deprovera? There is not really that much information on the internet about it.

      I am not sure if I would ever want to have childeren, but I am not sure if this even affects that.

      Thank you

      Amanda NY
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    9. minibabe added a post in a topic Florida   

      Thank you everyone for your input
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    10. minibabe added a post in a topic Pf Changs   

      There icecream is execellent! I also love when it comes with the strawberry sauces all over it YUMMY YUMMY!

      Now I need to go there this week
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    11. minibabe added a post in a topic Pf Changs   

      My boyfriend and I always either get the ginger chicken or the Philips better lemon chicken

      And then we ALWAYS get the flourless chocolate cake. It is so so so good.
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    12. minibabe added a topic in Celiac Meeting Room   

      I believe that my sister (samking72 on here ) has celiac. She is going on the gluten-free diet to see if she feels any better. Is there anyone in the Orlando area that can help her out like:

      where good supermarkets are located
      where there are good places to eat etc.

      I would be doing this but I live all the way in NY. Thanks everyone

      Amanda NY

      HI SAM!
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    13. minibabe added a post in a topic Pf Changs   

      I have gotten sick there um....I dunno at least 3x in a row. Plus more times then that. But I still go back becasue the food is so good. I have acutally written about this in another post....I will see if I can find it

      But because of how many times I have gotten sick there I think that they know me by now, or at least the managers do. I have all of there business cards and the number that you call if you are going to go to the doctor (i believe just in case you want to sue them )

      Me and my boyfriend really enjoy the atmosphere though.

      And those lettuce wraps let me tell you I look foward to going there just to have them

      They ar so so so so so good!

      As for him I have no clue.

      Good Luck

      Amanda NY
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    14. minibabe added a post in a topic Another Restaurant With A gluten-free Menu!   

      Hey, Im up for a drive. As long as you say its good food.

      Thanks for sharing
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    15. minibabe added a post in a topic Wine   

      If you get a chance go over to duck walk vinyards. they have amazing wine also. They have a dessert wine that is blueberry and boisionberry. IT IS TO DIE FOR!!!! The bottle is fairly small only about 4 glasses, but let me tell you OMG

      I work over in cutchogue and Duck Walk is right over by me. I am waiting for the day that me and my coworkers go over and hit up all the wineries instead of working... I know its gonna happen one day becasue my boss is a total wine buff

      Have fun this weekend.

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