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  1. Anyone From Chicago Suburbs Area

    Thanks so much!!! I definitely know all the places you mentioned, never had an idea they were that celiac friendly! I think my family is a bit concerned we wouldn't be going out to eat anymore, so they'll be happy to hear all the options I'd love to meet sometime, too. I'll send you a message and maybe we can set something up? Anybody else from the area who'd like to meet? The more the merrier
  2. Anyone From Chicago Suburbs Area

    Hi there! I'm so glad to see you guys!!! I was just diagnosed 2 days ago and feel completely overwhelmed. I live in Glenview. I love to eat out and I'm at a complete loss of what to do. I'm the only one in my family with celiac. I would SO MUCH appreciate any tips and hints on where to eat out. Also, is there a support group that meets in our area to trade tips and recipes, etc?