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  1. aspartame gives me a horrible reaction - makes me hyper (actually, all artificial sweeteners do) - i am also careful not to overdo it with the raw veggies/fruits and there are not many juices that aren't too acidic for me. try keeping a food journal - you may think you remember everything you have eaten all day, but i was surprised ("o, yeah, i forgot i had a bite of whatever. and i had that yesterday, too. maybe i should try not eating that tomorrow and see if that's it....") it made it easier to figure out even if it wasn't gluten. hope you feel better.
  2. winning!!!! love it when i find a 'new' treat that i don't have to fingerprint
  3. i also take xanax for my anxiety. very small doses and when needed. the script was easier to get than my celiac dx lolz
  4. ((((((HUGS!!!)))))))) from people who understand!! stress is also a huge cause of digestive distress - i have been reading about the brain/gut connection lately and it's interestingly terrifying lolz - but i also agree with frieze - try skipping the oats. it's frustrating! ugh - just this past weekend my husband had a bbq picnic out of state and we were going to bobtail down in the big truck. my plan was to stop at the red robin burger place and get a few gluten-free meals to go for the weekend. the rr didn't open until 11am so we figured we'd just eat there friday night, get the to go stuff, take it home and leave out early saturday morning. went, ate, got home - the to go orders are completely glutenous.... ugh..... so, we had to go back and they fixed it then i had to explain to 100 rednecks why i couldn't eat any of the 92 lbs of barbeque (omgosh it smelled awesome) on the upside, they gave me my own private bathroom and i had fun on the shooting range <shooting is gluten free lolz, also a good way to de-stress here's some more ((((((HUGS)))))) it'll get better.
  5. not at all lots of good changes! my hair stopped falling out all the time, i had dh that cleared up (my shins used to get so terrible they would bleed from me itching them in my sleep) and honestly: i was skin and bones. people thought i had anorexia or cancer. i am 5'8" and i weighed 97 lbs. so, yeah, there was a big difference when i put on 20 lbs! still would like to add 10 or so..... also, i used to pick up every virus/cold/pneumonia <at least once a year, ugh) and i'm happy to report i've not been sick AT ALL not a sniffle. when everybody (and i have all these germy grandkids, neices, nephews, etc around all the time) has the flu, i don't get it. nothing. so, my immune system must be running the way it's supposed to (it's about time lolz)
  6. lolz - *i* noticed ! i was so underweight, i didn't realize my smiley cheeks had disappeared until they returned. you know, how you can kind of see your cheeks when you smile they crunch up? i was happy to see them also, husband likes my curvierness back i'm still not to my target weight, but i'm working on it.
  7. hey, man. don't pick on wine............
  8. maybe your gut is absorbing the caffeine more, now that you're gluten-free and healing.
  9. she is fun to watch !! she taught me a few tricks. the prep takes longer than the actual rolling. speaking of rolling - tell him you're never too old i'm a grandma lolz
  10. i am wary of eating sushi out b/c most soy sauce is made of wheat. i roll my own at home (helps that daughter was a sushi chef ) and i use bragg's amino sub for soy sauce.
  11. i am still avoiding iodine. and if i eat fish or shellfish, my scalp will break out (i'm assuming because of the ioding) the same places every time. takes about a week to clear. keep a food journal. it's tedious, but the best way to figure out what's causing your discomfort. good luck!
  12. i feel where he is coming from! imagine food hurting i still am a little bit anxious - which kills my appetite - when faced with eating. and i am 6 years into the diet. so, i have a xanax script for bad days. the best appetite stimulant is still illegal in my state not that i would suggest breaking the law notme! lolz his problem with dairy may clear up after he's been strictly gluten-free and healing. the enzyme needed to digest dairy is produced on the ends of the villi and if he has a lot of gut damage still, he's not producing this enzyme. once villi have healed, he may be able to handle dairy. in just the few years i've been dx'd, there are so many more tasty gluten-free products - tinkyada pasta is my go-to, but i just tried barilla gluten-free macaroni the other day (they just got it in to my grocery store) and it was really good. also reheated very well. ima try it in pasta salad soon and see how that goes do you guys live together? when he was diagnosed, did y'all go through the kitchen and replace all opened (sugar that could've been double dipped with flour when baking, mayo & pb & jelly that might have been 'crumbed') i had to do it in 'waves' it was hard to give stuff up. kept my gluteny bread maker for 2 years lololz never used it again but i just couldn't let go! it's hard. thank you for being understanding. i am lucky to have a very patient husband who loves me in spite of every time i've freaked at him out of frustration. it kills spontaneity because 9 times out of 10 i gotta pack food (fix food, pack food, eat food, lather, rinse, repeat) and if i want to kiss him he has to brush his teeth and i am loathe to remind him. it's a pain. this forum pretty much has saved my sanity over the years. doctors are less than helpful most of the time. 'you have celiac. the only treatment is a gluten free diet. have a nice day. just order off the gluten free menu, no big deal. have a nice day. bye now.' when he starts feeling better, he'll be a happier guy. i had many, many symptoms clear up that were seemingly unrelated. turns out, celiac is systemic, meaning it messes you whole entire body's smooth operation with excess inflammation, etc, because basically your body attacks itself. i feel like he is still getting gluten from somewhere..... i turn into superbitch when i get glutened, lolz. and then it knocks me down and the poor guy has to take care of me. guys are so wierd he may be appreciative of your efforts and just feeling like being sick isn't 'manly' - maybe keeping a food journal will help pinpoint the culprit. my husband actually found this website when i was in a bad place of frustration. you're in a good place to ask questions welcome to the forum
  13. too many of us are treated this way, unfortunately ^^^^^ and many of us have been in the same (no quality of life! always sick! ) situation and yes, it can be life threatening if left untreated. so glad you're feeling better no thanks to the almighty doctor i have a celiac diagnosis and my g.p. (who i go to - or used to go to - for my check ups, see how my blood pressure is, vitamin levels, etc. normal maintenance, you know) tried to give me viberzi!! for my ibs-d !! what??? i have celiac. i was furious!! (i'm still pretty upset) o, the good news was that he gave me a coupon for the first month. after that, it's THIRTY DOLLARS A MONTH. not to mention all the lovely side effects (one of them was diarrhea!!) no, thanks, buddy.... anyways, rant over lolz - welcome to the forum!
  14. my first trip to the grocery store i had a meltdown and didn't buy anything lolz i like udi's bread or rudi's is pretty good. if you have a red robin nearby, they will sell you the gluten-free burger buns (and they are yummy) good luck !
  15. i've had good luck (and people at my church compliments') with betty the box cake mix - i use melted butter instead of the oil, i add an extra egg, and a tablespoon or so of sour cream. i've doctored the chocolate cake into red velvet, same thing everybody was amazed that it was gluten-free. morna, i would love to hang out with a celiac sista but i'm stuck most of the time with these little creatures that call me 'meemo' the husband and i had tickets to the sister hazel show at the coliseum, we told everybody about it TWO WEEKS AHEAD OF TIME and i was still dropping off kids here and there the night of the show!! (hey, man, can ya watch your kid for me tonight???!! lolz) daughter works nights, son works days.... ended up dropping 2 at my brother's lololz my not-son works at central flats and taps. they have wine and an outdoor patio i may or may not have sneaked bards in with a backpack and a koozie