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  1. good for you! this is cool to know. i only realized i had a gluten sensitivity in november 2010.. although symptoms were greatly reduced in december, in january some symptoms were back. i was struggling with cross contamination at first, but then realized that corn & rice seem to be causing me some problems. my mom (who is in similar stages of self-diagnosis) told me they are difficult on the poor, damaged digestive system. i've been avoiding beans for this reason, too. i want to try this digestive enzyme. i take a probiotic daily, do y'all have a recommended amount to take? i've read that you can build up slowly to taking 25 gel caps in one day??? that sounds extreme to me, but i don't know much about this....
  2. I was happy to see this topic! Because I am completely self-diagnosed... I'm not much of one for going to the doctor. Let's see.. an overview: 2007 general misery in the digestive tract. gave up lactose. improvement. 2008 became vegan. gi tract felt even better. still feeling that my physical energy wasn't what it should be. inside i felt like a much more intense, vitally alive person. outside, i was a bit of a weenie. frequent headaches, hypoglycemic, very emotional, groggy in the mornings, generally low stamina. 2010 APRIL intense headaches / migraines almost every day. pushed through, working 40 hours, exercising -- nothing else. JUNE completed my first half-marathon. had a migraine the day before. AUGUST gave up running altogether. it became too much. OCTOBER could barely make it through a mellow yoga class. realized how weak i had become. NOVEMBER researching, found, began to suspect a gluten intolerance. DECEMBER gave up gluten for 1 week. had a piece of toast & slice of pizza. suffered a bad migraine for the next five days. I was convinced. I began to build up my yoga strength, run a few miles per week, and learn to eat around gluten. JANUARY can drink milk! can eat cheese! my gi tract must be healing!!! too much dairy still causes discomfort, though. I'm learning slowly, though. I'm only just realizing the connection between gluten and mood. Also, realizing that food "made in a plant that processes wheat" can do me in just like eating a piece of toast. Just like with lactose intolerance, it will probably take me about a year to figure out what my system can tolerate, and how to coexist with my strange intestines. i'm working up the confidence to tell the world "i'm gluten intolerant!" without a doctor's diagnosis. this forum is helping! thank you all for contributing to this HELPFUL resource!!!
  3. I'm still very new to this, figuring out the signals my body has been sending. Low energy, depression, lethargy, weakness were definitely symptoms that lead me to stop eating gluten. I got a quick peak in energy, deeper sleep, and renewed happiness/vitality about a week after giving up gluten. Since then, quite honestly, I've been kind of dense about figuring out the food labeling system. I've used this site a good bit. I believe I've gotten glutened quite a few times. Since I don't have sharp stomach pains, I'm sometimes not sure if I've been glutened or not! I'm still figuring out my body awareness & figuring out what's "me" after these years of putting up with discomfort and low energy. Probably TMI. Here's the point. I regularly go to bed between 10 and 11. For a couple of weeks I just can't get myself out of bed at all. My husband can bring me breakfast in bed, my dog can lick my face, my alarm can go off, and off, and off.... but I can't wake up until I've had 10 - 12 hours! I've slept past several important engagements (that I was looking forward to!). Have y'all experienced this kind of sleep as you heal from gluten? Or as a symptom of accidentally consuming gluten? Any advice? Again.. thanx for this amazing resource!!! I have learned so much on this site & forum. <3
  4. I just joined.. I'm finding so much courage reading through this forum. It's so comforting to know that I'm not crazy, or alone. If nothing else, just reading the little signatures at the bottom of each member's posts. It gives me courage to read about so many individuals with problems so much worse than mine. If y'all can muscle through these problems with determination and courage, so can I. I think I can put a brave face on now and get out of bed. lol. Thanks for the community... and, Irishheart, I would read your book. haha!