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      • Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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    1. Niebr added a post in a topic Constipation And Indegestion   

      ugh i have no clue, i know dairy causes things to move too fast, ive always been ok with dairy, i dont think its gluteneither, unless the less than 2% of blah blahblah is all adding up n did this, which is honestly my only opinion. im going to see my physician in a while to see if they can give some insight,
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    2. Niebr added a topic in Celiac Disease - Related Disorders & Research   

      Constipation And Indegestion
      Alright, so a while back, at least 6 months ago, i started having chronic constipation, to the point where i drink a senna tea 1-3 times a week to keep regular,

      well a few days ago, i started getting what i assume is indigestion, nausea, hot flashes, little abdominal pain, after eating. one maybe 2 antacids and the indigestion was gone. and i felt OK, well this indigestion went on for 3 days, all 3 of these days, i did not need my laxative tea to have a bowel movement, i was able to just go, a few times, when i had the urge in the morning a little after waking up.

      well on the 3rd day of this little indigestion episode, i noticed a bowel movement wasn't as easy, the indigestion went away that day, and the constipation came back,

      i tried to jump my fiber intake that day to keep it going, but no luck, I'm back to my constipation, i have no clue why, anyone have insight?

      Edit: im not trying to be obscene or anything, but during the indegestion time, i woke up with anerection, which was normal for me, i believe that stopped when the celiacs started, not sure thouh,
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    3. Niebr added a post in a topic Worried Yet Cannot Help.   

      agreed, i think ima have to do that flush to get everything back to normal,
      and just stick with the PG 3350 at least til my GI appointment,
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    4. Niebr added a post in a topic Worried Yet Cannot Help.   

      actually no, i eat what i can, the only mass of fiber i had recently that possibly caused this was half a loaf of UDIS gluten-free bread in one night, (first time I had bread in 8 months) other than that all my fiber is natural from vegetables, which is usually potatoes, rice, eggs, hamburger patties) and anything else i can, i havent bothered with dairy in like a month cause of this, no fiber supplements, i am doing probiotics and daily polyethalene glycol 3350 daily, but i think it was the half loaf of udis bread in one night is wat caused the recent block,
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    5. Niebr added a post in a topic Worried Yet Cannot Help.   

      ive been doing the generic form for a few weeks now, but im goign to stop down to a gastro doc n hope i can at least get a consultation on that til my appointment, thank you!
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    6. Niebr added a post in a topic Worried Yet Cannot Help.   

      Well I am lucky enough to know what not to eat so soon, now if i could just deal with the ongoing constipation, ill be happy ^.^ ive been doing miralax for a while, but it just helps me og as soon as i stop, so does my regularity,
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    7. Niebr added a post in a topic Worried Yet Cannot Help.   

      I always thought that was a good amount o.0
      ok so then by that standrds, i should be drinking at least 60oz a day, so im drinking enough daily.
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    8. Niebr added a post in a topic Worried Yet Cannot Help.   

      Well, next morning, im sitting here dealing with slight waves of nausea and just overall crappy feeling, i was sent home yesterday with papers on constipation and how to get medical insurance.

      But what bugs me is I cant seem to shake just about any problem I'm having right now, and me having anxiety problems doesn't help AT ALL.

      I'm honestly getting to the point where i just want to cry every time something goes wrong because it seems like I've been on a digestive roller coaster since CS started.

      Im taking probiotics now, 1 daily. lots of water 2-4 20oz bottles daily.

      but other than that i really don't even want to eat anymore because every time I do, I feel horrible. I feel like its celiacs all over again. but I'm not eating anything that could cause it, I'm certain I'm not.
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    9. Niebr added a post in a topic Worried Yet Cannot Help.   

      Actually just got back from the hospital and they said that it wasnt to be concenred about. They took like 4 X-rays. 2 standing 2 laying down.

      as for the pain, it was directly below where the rib cages meet in the middle, but it felt like both sides, it happens so fast and leaves so fast, i cant really be sure, its like a 4-5 pain scale, and its gone as fast as it comes, literally a second,

      And I have been celiac disease for like 8 months now, so for lactose to be a problem i am going to be angry because I had no problem with lactose even at 1 month after diagnose, and ive been eating cereal before all the constipation started, til it started thn i stopped n strictly started trying to make this all stop,
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    10. Niebr added a topic in Celiac Disease - Doctors   

      Worried Yet Cannot Help.
      Alright, I know possibly no one here is a medical doctor or able to give medical advice, i am just really worried because this is an ongoing problem, and I cannot be racking up anymore bills with hospitals.
      I would like to post some logs ive been keeping for the past month and get an idea of what nmy problem maybe,
      but to be recent,
      I have been having problems with constipation for 3 weeks now, I have been doing stool softeners and natural ways to evacuate bowels, but i cannot keep any regularity, now either yesterday or 2 days ago, i had a sharp pain in the upper abdomen. it lasted 1 second, but it was sharp and caught my attention, and im now worried, the one that happened this morning was sharp, lasted a second went away as fast as it came, but it was sharp and caught my attention, but what i noticed it was after i ate 2 sausage patties, so im wondering if it maybe something related to greasy foods ? or maybe the glass of milk last night ?
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    11. Niebr added a post in a topic Cures For Constipation?   

      imstill having problems myself, ive been taking OTC polyethylene glycol 3350, Rite aid brand, its a stool softner, but also says laxative, so im worried about using it too much, so im going to try the magnesium,
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    12. Niebr added a topic in Celiac Disease - Coping With   

      Aldi Foods A Possible Problem.
      So yesterday or maybe 2 days ago im not sure. I had a batch of gluten-free pancakes even with gluten-free syrup, best thing I ever had. Since then, I keep having small stomach pains and jut randomly tired like i got gluttened. But for the life of me, I cannot figure out what is causing it. All ive had since the pancakes (which i know was all gluten-free down to the butter i used) was some cereal (choco chex corn flakes gluten-free) and Millvale Corn flakes, packaged by ADLI food store. It doesnt say gluten-free, but it contains no wheat (yes i know not good enough for some people) but then theres also the warning :processed on the same equipment that produces wheat, soy, and other allergens: yet I never had a problem with things like this before. it seems like everything I eat, is causing small stomach pains, barely noticable pains, (like a 1 out of 10) but it still worrys me cause it seems like its happening with everything ive eaten for the past few days. Am i just getting that paranoid or should i be worried ?
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    13. Niebr added a post in a topic I Honestly Felt Better When I Was On Gluten   

      I honestly am the same way, I refuse to take aspirin. I refuse just about any bad medical advice from anyone except a hospital. And even then i question them. Go get the tests done, its better than sitting there going out of your mind wondering. believe me you can do that one easily if you don't know for sure.
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    14. Niebr added a post in a topic Observations We Can All Relate To...   

      I can relate to this,
      before i even got diagnosed, i was so paranoid and so frustrated it was to the point of "why bother?"
      then once they diagnosed it me it became "that sucks"
      then more or less of the why bother, when i realized i cant eat a damn thing,
      but now its getting much better, im eating halfway decent, lots of potatoes i can say that,
      but i got my job back (yay!) and as soon as i start getting paid, im paying off some owed debt to the family and then hitting a gluten-free store,
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    15. Niebr added a post in a topic For Future Referance,   

      Well that is great to find out, cause i realized last night, i notcvied alot of gluten-free members had many other illnesses and i honestly was halfway to a panic attack thinking that i could be next due to it all, sadly i dont think i am able to find out more about it because my father i believe is the celiac, he mentioned something once about being lactose, yet he always drank living beer, so i dont know. i know my mom doesnt have it. she drinks constantly, and eats things ontaining gluten, and i see nothing of what she has, i was eating gluten items maybe 2-4 months prior to getting sick, and then being diagnosed, cause i kept hammering the hospitals and Drs offices while i had the medical insurance, and they finally diagnosed me within 2-4 months of it all starting, so i would say im going to be ok ?
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