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  1. wow, thanks for the great responses....appreciate it
  2. haha 90 people have viewed and one response....thanks for responding
  3. if you guys were doctors.....blood test....elevated gliadin antiobdy...... gluten-free for a month....gluten week before biopsy....endoscopy....negative malabsorption, steatorrhea, gas, bloated, tooth enamel, headaches, etc... a) celiac gluten intolerance c) im just crazy 40 years old by the way thanks
  4. wow....we are totally in the same boat!!!!
  5. can gluten intolerance cause fat malabosorption? i had the elevated gliadin antiobdy, however gluten free for a month and then gluten for a week before endoscopy.....biopsy came back negative.....just wondering if gluten intolerance can cause fat malabsorption or do u need villi damage? can i assume i have a problem with gluten or since biopsy is negative should i just disregard it all......thanks
  6. symptoms are, well have been diarrhea, lots of i have had most of the digestive part anyways......and a few other symptoms....i was convinced it was celiac disease....its like now some people are saying you can just cut back on gluten....maybe one piece of pizza, or one beer, just dont indulge....but i am staying away completely, at least for awhile.....thanks for the input....i appreciate it
  7. why do doctors say villi damage will still be there whether you have been gluten free or is so frustrating....shouldnt they know???? i was eating gluten all the time when blood work came back slightly elevated...equivocal range....and then i went gluten free for the MONTH and then one week of gluten before endoscopy.....its crazy!! why would the gliadin antibody be elevated.....clearly there is some sort of gluten issue going on...thanks for your help
  8. OK, so i had the elevated gliadin antibody with the blood work....endoscopy showed nothing...i was convinced i had celiac what? am i gluten intolerant? do I have "some" gluten?? I am so confused.....i went gluten free for a month....then ONE week eating gluten before biopsy.....anyone???????
  9. I was gluten free for a month....went back on gluten for ONE said everything looked i was just wondering
  10. If celiac comes back negative....could gluten intolerance still cause digestive symptoms and other symptoms similar to celiac disease.....or do you have to have villi damage to cause it all??? thanks
  11. I dont understand why you guys say you have to be gluten free for so long before endoscopy....My doctor told me villi damage doesnt disappear that quickly and if you have will show up.....???? whether eating gluten or not
  12. thanks to all for your responses....this is just pretty frustrating.....i was also gluten free for a month prior to the endoscopy.....ate gluten the week before.....but he said if there is alot of would show up anyways.....just weird when you have alllllllllll the symptoms.....crazy......he said normal appearance of villi, but did send biopsies off.....i guess my question is could he be wrong