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  1. Hi Thanks for replies. We are starting to keep a diary of symptoms and food. Would you expect her to suffer every time she had the offending food or does it vary??
  2. Can I also ask one more thing please? For a long time now, when she has had abdominal pain I've been able to feel her stomach churning under my hand but dont know if this happens when she doesnt have problems ie is normal. She's continued to be ill since my original post and I had to collect her from school yesterday as she had a headache and abdominal pain. She stayed on her bed until going to sleep eventually at 10pm. I could her her stomach gurgling last night although she wasnt hungry and she didnt want to eat in teh evening. It was also gurgling loudly this morning before and after breakfast. Is this a sign of celiac and is it worth mentioning to our gp??
  3. Thanks. I am in the UK if that makes any difference. She has had sores on top of her mouth rather than the corner. She is also prone to mouth ulcers. Yes, she is woken by the pain. She has no bowel problems - could this still be celiac? She is also irritable and can lose her temper for no reason and this seems to happen around 2 hours after eating. We've always assumed it's her nature as her older brother was the complete opposite. I think, as you say, that there is some sort of food allergy that we assumed was causing teh abdominal pain but couldnt work out any pattern apart from pineapple causing problems. Her stomach pain always used to be abover her groin and below here belly button but recently she says it's like an backward L and is on the left side under her ribs going down to below belly button. Does this mean anything? We try to play it down with her as have been unsure how much is true if you know what I mean. However there is more often than not physical evidence - vomitting, crying in her sleep, being woken up, looks awful when she has a headache, sweating, sore vulva. I try to believe her as we didnt believe her when she complained of foot problems and it turnd out after months of struggling that she has developmental flat feet and now has to wear orthitics so I do try to believe her as no evidence otherwise.
  4. Hi We are just waiting to see a paediatrician as my 8 year old has been complaining of problems for years now. She has abdominal pain that wakes her up at night and the carries on through the night. More recent months this has occured more frequently accompanied often by headaches and sweating at night. She often gets sore around her vulva and bottom and although this usually goes away on it's own after a few days, this time it hasnt and we've been told it's developed into a fungal infection. SHe's been tested several times for an UTI but always been negative and she's had an ultrasound done which has ruled out any need for surgery. She has now started to vomit when she has stomach pains although not every time. Occasionally her lips swell and she has had sores around her mouth a couple of times which made me think it was a food intolerance. However, her bowel movements are fine. She eats normally but is thin but not officially underweight although not far off it. My grandmother had celiac which made me wonder although I realise this is a distant relative. Could this be celiac?