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  1. I do not struggle with this and I was brought up the same way as you. I don't struggle because for many years off & on we didn't have a bathtub, only showers as well as this being therapy or medicinal for the skin - heck even for the muscles as I age. I figure I've earned my right to luxuriate or medicate with baths any time I've a mind to. My husband saw just how bad my dh got & NEVER begrudges me a nice long soak in the big soaking tub we now have.
  2. Yuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm BUTTER!!!!! I've never had a problem with any brand of butter. Butter is not made in a factory that makes anything with gluten.
  3. Anytime you see the word malt it means barley was used to make the malt & barley is NOT allowed!
  4. You've jumped the first hurdle which is the surgery. Now you know exactly what you're dealing with. We're here for you at all times. {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
  5. I agree with ravenwoodglass.
  6. This looks exactly like what I'm going through right now. I got cc'd some time ago & am dealing with the rash. It has ramped down now to appear just as your daughter's. You have to make sure she doesn't get the tiniest amount of gluten. Whole foods only. Forget processed gluten-free foods for now. Also make sure she doesn't have oats for a full year. Just get her on fresh or frozen fruits & veggies, canned things like Hunt's tomato sauce are okay, canned Bush's beans are gluten-free too. Forget the processed cereals. Give her eggs, potatoes, meat for breakfast - some fruit. Dairy if she can tolerate it. Fresh meats are fine or frozen stuff like turkey. Make sure to read the Newbie 101 in the coping section to learn how to protect her from cross contamination.
  7. I completely agree with ravenwoodglass. Kids heal MUCH faster than adults. I would also keep calling the doc doing the endoscopy every single day to see if there are any cancellations so you can get it done sooner.
  9. We know she needs that official dx. And here's the thing..... if she goes gluten free & then tries to go back to gluten for an endoscopy she's likely to have a MUCH harder time. We tend to react far stronger to gluten after we've been off of it. Many people have thought they could go off it & then go back on it because the wait time for an endoscopy was a while but they just screw themselves up by doing that. Some find they get so very sick that they can not stay on it for even 2 weeks in order to be able to get the endoscopy. So please tell her not to make that mistake. It's better to suffer through eating gluten until an endoscopy than to go gluten-free & then go back to eating gluten. I know it sucks but that's the best way to do it.
  10. You can always say "It's medically necessary" leaving off the word diagnosis. YOU know it's medically necessary for you to not eat gluten so don't feel bad terming it the way I typed it.
  11. There's a problem with her going gluten-free now. If the doc wants to do an endoscopy she needs to be eating gluten right up until the endoscopy. Most docs are NOT going to dx based on positive blood work alone!!!! The endoscopy is "the gold standard" for diagnosis.
  12. It's only come up once with me and it was a situation where I was at a new neighbor's home & was offered food. I had to tell them I have celiac, explain I can't eat their chili or whatever. She kept offering me things. I live in the south & it's very impolite not to offer anyone in your home something to eat & drink. I was fighting a long tradition of hospitality but I stood my ground. I think she was a bit offended but she doesn't live in my body. The hubs & I don't socialize much at all & we have met very few people locally since we moved here & suddenly found out we had celiac (yes, both of us!). My hubs often says if anyone ever gives us too much trouble then I can just show them a photo of my celiac rash at it's worst & they'll shut up real quick. LOL!
  13. Ask your GI if he can recommend a celiac versed GI where your new home will be. The farm sounds terrific! How are you doing now? Have you gained any weight back yet? How long have you been gluten free? You read the Newbie 101 in the coping section right? Bone broth is great for healing the gut.