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  1. I had some bloating and a lot of gas after eating salted pistachios, but then I got crazy and ate half the bag. And a bunch of peanuts to boot. I'd say go easier on the nuts. Mine came from Trader Joes, which includes them on its "no gluten ingredients" list.
  2. Good advice, except do not buy a CHEAP iron supplement - buy a good one. There is a difference and some forms of iron area easier to absorb than others. Ferrous sulfate is hard to absorb. You want the highest absorbency you can get. I used to own a health food store and was married to a doctor, so I say this based on knowledge from both my wife and trade events I attended, seminars and such. Visit a good health food store or see a naturopath. They are good with digestive issues. A good supplement is not that expensive. Also, the herb gentian helps increases iron absorption. Warning: it's very bitter. I buy it as a dried herb and make teas, but you can find tinctures as well.
  3. You can get an intravenous feed called a Myer's Push to get minerals and vitamins into your bloodstream. This is useful for people with poor absorption. My doctor recommended I do this. You may need to see a naturopathic doc or chiropractor - I'm not sure if mainstream medicine will do this. I was diagnosed with celiac that began as an infant at 11 months. My parents put me on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. Thank God for the semi-retire pediatrician who agreed to see them and put me on the diet, as it cured me after 2 years. I was able to eat anything my entire life, until recently when my symptoms returned after a period of high stress. I know healing will be harder at age 56, but aside from the celiac I am in excellent health and I remain optimistic, although the fatigue is a bitch. My only other advice is to find a living situation where you are not stressed and can be happy. I am planning to rent a small house on a river with a beautiful view and a neighborhood I love. Amazingly I found something at a reasonable price too. Do whatever you can to lift your spirits.
  4. I began having night sweats at the same time that I developed gastrointestinal symptoms of Celiac a month ago. Sweating is a way the body gets rid of toxins, so perhaps this is a good thing, though annoying. I often need to change my undershirt once a night, but the sheets stay mostly dry, so I don't have them as bad as some here have reported. As a side note, I was a celia baby starting at age 11 months. I was put on a carb-free diet for two years and then gradually reintroduced to normal foods. For my entire life I ate everything. Aside form some bloating when I ate a lot of hard pretzels, I never had any GI symptoms. At age 56 I began having all the symptoms again. This followed a series of very stressful events over the past two years.