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  1. Mn State Fair 2012

    Shoot! It looks like my link didn't work before because I tried to use bitly. Let's try again: Here's a map of all the foods on the Northland Celiac list, plus any that I am able to independently track down:
  2. Mn State Fair 2012

    I'm one of the biggest fair fans you'll ever meet, but this is my first year going gluten-free I'm hoping people will report back here, too. I got nervous about my gluten-free fair experience, so I used Northland Celiac's 2012 list to make a google map of all the gluten-free fair food. I intend to update it as I go through the fair if I find anything else that belongs on it: Gluten-free foods at the MN State Fair Northland Celiac does have a booth, in the Kare11 Health Building. They usually put their list online before the fair (as far as I know it isn't up yet). I think they also keep copies at the booth.