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      • Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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    1. gulfcoastnana added a post in a topic Lulu's   

      the mahi mahi taco's are the best... I'm lucky to live about 6 miles from Lulu's....
      and they do take great care for you there... and if your lucky and you are here when her brother is in town...(Jimmy Buffet )the place is a music hot spot when he plays
      she has come a long way from the orginal location...also if you look at the menu you will find she likes to use local produce and organic beef from a farm here in alabama
      if you in town let me know and i can give you other eating out options...i have a few stand by ones that we go to....
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    2. gulfcoastnana added a post in a topic My Itchy Sking   

      for a little back ground info...this itchy skin started in full force Jan / Feb
      by mid Feb I headed to the dr as it was not going away.. since we live out in the country and go hiking I thought well its something i got the time i went to the dr i was in tears it hurt/burned This is the 1st misdiagnoses... treated with a steriod shot and then a pack for a week... oh what joy no rash no itching... i was in heaven... fast forward to my 2 week follow up... went in again in tears its was back and was worse.... the good dr said you have a food allergy... we need to find a allergist for you... ok .... in the mean time here is another steriod pack rx.. and a strong anti histimne Rx... filled only one and it was not the steriod pack....
      here is where i started my research... with a simple google... of what food cause rashes...
      so i dropped out peanuts no change, then i found a picture of a wheat rash.... oh this looks like my back, stomach, butt, so gluten free i started got an appt with the allergist( should have called a skin dr) oh well we all learn.. any ways he looked at it ... and i told him i had started a gluten free diet and was seeing improvement...
      put me on allerga and zyrtec combo... helped calm the skin down... did a food diary, added peanuts ,,, then the last day of the diary i added gluten foods....NEVER AGAIN WILL I DO THAT WILLINGLY..........
      so now im just waiting for the itchy skin to clear up which it is slowly the photos above are about 75%better than were i started from i have been gluten free since mid march
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    3. gulfcoastnana added a post in a topic My Itchy Sking   

      this is both of my sides.... again still learning how to post the pics

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    4. gulfcoastnana added a topic in Dermatitis Herpetiformis   

      My Itchy Sking
      This has become quiet a journey for me.. here are few pics of my itchy skin still having to work with dr's for a DX sorry if the size is big..

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    5. gulfcoastnana added a post in a topic Photos Of Mild Dh   

      I have always had back bumps...(pimples) and under the bra line rash( thought it was heat rash) thighs chalked it up to many things ingrown hairs ect.... but now i must say i the only way to describe the warning that a break out is coming is a burning like being sunburnt and having a jellyfish tossed on your skin....
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    6. gulfcoastnana added a post in a topic Photos Of Mild Dh   

      Thank you for posting this... I wish that I would have taken photos when my rash was at its worst...
      at first i was told i had shingles... then after taking a course of came back with a vengence... dr said its a food allergy..
      before i made it to a allergy dr i found some photos of wheat rash...(DH) and it looked like what i had went gluten free... started clearing up...
      so now while the dr's may not agree with me i know the only way to keep the itchy skin away is staying gluten free
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