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  1. I have been reading books about thyroid and have discovered that many people have "normal" lab results that have thyroid trouble. I highly recommend Suzy Cohen's book Thyroid Healthy. A full thyroid panel includes: TSH, T3, T4, Reverse T3, Reverse T4. The TPO antibody test, and one other antibody test that I don't know the name of. I had slipped through the diagnosis cracks until I made a diet mistake. I am glad they finally caught it. Please read Suzy Cohen's book or look up her articles. Suzy Cohen is a pharmacist who experienced thyroid battle herself. She was told that she was depressed and prescribed anti-depressants. She believed that her doctor was wrong and kept looking for someone that could help her. Her before and after pictures were amazing with pictures taken 10 years apart, in which she looked older in the earliest taken picture. Isabelle Wentz is another pharmacist who went through this and wrote a book. I don't remember the name of her book, but I enjoy her facebook posts. One last book is called, Why Do I still Have Thyroid Symptoms? When My Lab tests Are Normal?. This book is by Datis Karrazian DHSc, DC, MS. I found Suzy Cohen's book to be in my language, she seemed like my best friend. She had been in a similar spot and got better! I felt that Datis Karrazian gave a more detailed account of the thyroid, problems and remedies. Both were helpful and I am being treated with herbs as a first attempt to solve my thyroid issues.
  2. Oops well I blew it big time. I failed to carefully read a supplement label. I saw that the company selling it said that it was gluten/soy free, but the ingredient list clearly showed that it wasn't. I took it for 200 days. I and my health care triangle couldn't figure out why I was swelling/ and gaining weight big time. The problems didn't stop there, we noted increased liver enzymes, and 3 months later sluggish kidney function. With treatment, the liver enzymes had gone down to normal levels. I kept taking the wrong supplement over last fall and winter. I felt more and more over-whelmed and unable to carry out my usual work. Finally recently, I went to order another several bottles of the supplement and discovered the ingredient list. I ran for my bottle in the freezer, oh sure, there it was. I quit taking the supplement right away. Then, it seemed like my real trouble began. My lymph system went wild, my thighs got enormous with ripples. I was cold and achy. This couldn't be from just one little bitty supplement? It was. A few months later, we tested my thyroid and found that it was working very hard. I wonder if anyone that has dealt with thyroid could answer this: Do we know the mechanism that brings a thyroid down. Is it always antibodies? We tested TPO which was negative, but didn't check the other kind of antibodies that I know of now. I am recovering so I am not sure if I should check the thyroid again and check the both antibodies or not. I can try a round of thyroid medicine to see if it helps, but would rather avoid it...well, unless I absolutely need it.
  3. My dentist removed mine as he discovered problems with them. He used a rubber dam to be sure no mercury would be lost down my throat. When I had just a couple Amalgams left, he decided to remove them . He felt they likely had problems he couldn't see yet, as the other old fillings all had decay. As he worked, those two were also having decay. The deal was that insurance would cover the replacements IF the fillings were bad, but if there was no noted problem, they would not cover it. I would consider having these removed by a dentist trained in using the rubber dam IF I were having health trouble that might be related to them.
  4. I use to react possibly because of the plastic, I don't really know why. I use naturo-care which is made from bamboo fiber. I don't know what the price per pad is.
  5. Update: No more need for adrenal support! When I first saw the functional medicine nurse a few years back, I had just begun to take adrenal support supplements. People warned me these were habit forming and my tolerance and dependence on them would increase. Still, my providers all 3 concurred that I needed them. I had been on up to 6 per day two summers ago. Last summer, (after allergy treatments) we decreased to 2 per day The adrenals could be assessed by orthostatic blood pressure tests. Anyway, several months back my naturopathic doctor determined that these were no long necessary for me. I placed my bottle in the freezer and went on without. . Today, I decided to try to get some more objective proof that these were not needed. I had my chiropractor check my orthostatic blood pressure. The LORD has had mercy on me! My scores were good!
  6. How long have you been on the trek now Mossemalibu?
  7. My ferritin level went down from the high I had achieved after months from 26 (I think it was) down to 16 after one extremely heavy 2 week cycle. I do think that one cycle can throw the iron off a lot. My doctors have been watching my levels closely every 2 months recently. I have dealt with some kind of hormonal imbalance. I am considering with my doctors whether H-pylori may be playing a part in this. I know my magnesium, vitamin B, and iron levels are high need. I had already been checked for issues relating to uterus and female issues and found to have fibroids. I hope this helps.
  8. Currently I am looking for the full list of celiac tests. Dee
  9. I think you probably need to go 100% gluten free (I reread that and perhaps you have) and then give yourself time to heal. I say that because from my experience with allergies and celiac, I react more to whatever is left bothering me. Make sure all of the products you are using are certified gluten free. Consider other food allergies. I had a problem with severe fatigue until I stopped eating everything which I didn't tolerate. Dee
  10. Hi Morten, For celiac disease, I have tried cutting out gluten. I eat as many varieties of foods that I can. Some foods help heal. I do use probiotics and have for many years now. I am getting well, and strong in spite of being sick for very many years. I hope that you will grow up to be strong, comfortable, and yet careful to take care of yourself. Dee
  11. I just googled leukopenia it is: a reduction in the number of white cells in the blood, typical of various diseases. It is a symptom and not a disease. I guess if it were me I would set out to find why your white blood cells are fewer than normal. I would look for a disease and I would look for nutrient levels. Also, consider you may just need some more time for the body to heal. You may want to look up what in the body produces white blood cells. I hope it is something that will resolve for you. Congratulations on the lowered IGG, I would take this is result of your careful diet. Hopefully everything will come into line. Take care Dee
  12. Hi Lacey, My GI doctor gave me a list of foods to avoid (foodmaps) which might possibly help you. What you eat can encourage or discourage the bugs. I noticed if I ate foods on the list, it would really bloat me up. Rather than give you the whole list, I suggest you look one up online. Another thing you might try is SCD diet. It is basically no grains or sweets. Paleo is the same or similar. To find foods for paleo I watched youtube shows. A NAET treatment for parasites seemed to help my body start fighting them off. I wasn't officially diagnosed with it, but the GI doctor highly suspected it. I had 30+ years undiagnosed, so many years of poor digestion. I could not be officially tested for it because I couldn't drink the sugar solution to check for it!
  13. Hi Mommy2, There are many kinds of foods and I suggest you keep as many as you can in your diet. When I was having extreme difficulties tolerating food, I tried new foods that I had never eaten before. For me the list included special meats such as: lamb, bison, duck, yak, which I found at natural food coops. There may be some type of nuts that you haven't eaten such as macademia, chestnuts, pecans, or pine nuts. Many of these are expensive, but we are trying to heal! My new vegetables included the following: konjac, sea weed spinach, swiss chard, collard greens, jicama, Jerusalem artichoke, fennel bulb, and radishes. Fruits I found were what follows: Dragon fruit, star fruit, mango, kiwi, sour cherries, and bananas. Don't give up trying foods. Once I looked up the list of vegetables in Wikopedia. I discovered that their list included more than half vegetables I had never heard of. I tried all new diet items; it worked for me, but if you don't want to be so drastic, you can keep adding more. Another idea is to look at the SCD diet plan. In a nutshell this plans uses meats, vegetables, and nuts that are easy to digest. They do recommend starting with a fast, for this they use a gelatin mix of some kind. This is said to be very healing for the gut. The diet was originally created to help heal the gut after celiac or other intestinal issues. One can just google for more information about the diet. I have the book Breaking the Vicious Cycle from which I learned about the diet. It is very similar to paleo diet which I also like. One can go to youtube and watch some paleo cooking shows for ideas. Are you taking supplemental magnesium, because too much can give you symptoms with loose bowels? My doctor highly recommends coconut oil for helping to heal the gut. I have been using NAET energy treatments to overcome my sensitivities to foods and I am feeling much better. For information about NAET, you can to their website or read the book, Say Good-bye to Illness by Dr. Devi Nambudripad. I hope for you the very best in healing, Dee
  14. Good to hear. Praying the Lord will continue carrying! Eloise, you have to get better enough to get up and read this! Diana