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      • Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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    1. qwertygirl added a post in a topic Comfort Food?   

      Thanks -- boiled potatoes is a good idea. Homemade chicken soup could work, too. I like eating spicy sometimes when I'm sick (particularly if I have a cold) but not when my stomach is feeling off.
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    2. qwertygirl added a post in a topic What"s In Your Smoothie ?   

      Frozen mangoes from Trade Joe's (the best brand)
      About 1 inch of fresh ginger (good for stomach aches) chopped
      1 banana
      Warm water

      Blend extra long to make sure the ginger gets chopped up well.
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    3. qwertygirl added a topic in Gluten-Free Recipes - Baking & Cooking Tips   

      Comfort Food?
      What do you all eat when you aren't feeling good? For me, it used to be toast or chicken noodle soup. Now I don't know what to eat. I don't want to eat anything that's a gluten-free replacement of a gluten food, because that hurts my stomach too.

      I just want something a little warm and bland that will make my stomach settle down.
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    4. qwertygirl added a post in a topic Gluten Free Products Make Me Sick?   

      Yeah, I think the xanthan gum makes me ill, too. Which makes me wonder why I own a $10 bag of it.
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    5. qwertygirl added a topic in Gluten-Free Foods, Products, Shopping & Medications   

      Gluten Free Products Make Me Sick?
      Does anyone else experience this -- eating too much gluten-free processed products making them sick? I felt awful after Thanksgiving dinner yesterday, and I cooked the entire thing myself. I was very careful about gluten. Had gluten-free stuffing and gluten-free pie crusts, a gluten-free turkey and a host of other things. About a half hour after dinner I was feeling terrible. No one else was sick.

      I think I overdid it on the gluten-free products, which I rarely eat.
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    6. qwertygirl added a post in a topic First Class Gluten Free Meal On Delta   

      That's funny, because I just flew Alitalia from Rome to Amsterdam, and it was horrible! LOL. But my suitcase was packed full of Scharr products, so I shouldn't complain.
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    7. qwertygirl added a topic in Gluten-Free Travel   

      First Class Gluten Free Meal On Delta
      Hi everyone,

      I wanted to post my experience ordering a gluten free meal while flying first class on Delta this past week. I had read in a couple of places that the first class gluten-free meal is the same as the economy class gluten-free meal, and wanted to correct that. It is not the same meal. It's actually pretty good, in fact, and I'm really happy I ordered it.

      First flight was from Detroit to L.A. They said they didn't get my order in time, so I think I just ate the salad. No big deal. I'd also brought some Kind bars from home, and I made it to L.A. just fine.

      Second flight was from L.A. to Tokyo. The pursuer came over to tell me they had a special meal for me. First course was a bowl of fruit, a rice cake, and a plate of lentil salad, two shrimp, and some fire-roasted corn. It was good. Next came a huge salad with a balsamic vinagrette, cucumbers, tomato, and pine nuts. Also very good. The main course was a plain chicken breast, rice and some mushy frozen veggies. Not as good as the other two courses, but totally edible and I could've eaten the whole thing if I was really hungry.

      Breakfast was an omlette with spinach, an Udi's bagel and more fruit.

      The trip home was similar. A better meal on the intercontinental than on the domestic, but still totally serviceable. First course was a little salad, fruit, and some kind of tomato soup. Everyone else got a second course with a big salad, and the airline steward realized it was gluten free, so he asked if I wanted one. I did, and it was good. Entree was another chicken breast, this time with Italian spices, some rice, and I think asparagus.

      Breakfast was another spinach omlette (which was edible, but not very tasty), an Udi's muffin, and a ton of fruit.

      Anyway, it's airline food, so I wasn't expecting much. So I was very pleasantly surprised. And happy that work splurged on the first class ticket for such a long trip, because it meant I got to eat pretty well!
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    8. qwertygirl added a post in a topic Rebound Effect?   

      Thanks for the reply. I had been holding out hope that I wasn't gluten intolerant, but my reaction lately has me thinking I need to start coming to terms with it.
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    9. qwertygirl added a topic in Celiac Disease - Pre-Diagnosis, Testing & Symptoms   

      Rebound Effect?
      Hi all,

      So I am new here -- just recently started eating gluten-free after years of undiagnosed stomach issues. I've been tested for celiac (while eating wheat) and it came up negative, but I recently got some family history news that leads me to believe gluten might be the issue causing my problems.

      So I cut out gluten a few weeks ago, and I've noticed now that even when I have the slightest amount of gluten, I have terrible stomach issues. It is quite dramatic and happens quickly -- and is much worse than the stomach issues I had a month ago.

      Any thoughts on why gluten is so much worse now when I get even a little bit, as compared to a month ago when I was eating bread and pasta on a regular basis and only having stomach issues sporadically?
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