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      • Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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    1. auuudriana added a post in a topic My Symptoms - Don't Think It's Celiac But Maybe Intolerance?   

      Got my lab results today...or rather, I was told them. I apparently have no sensitivity to gluten, but I do have Hepatitis A and that's why I've been feeling nauseated for so long.
      I requested a copy of all my results and out of the four that I had done, the one she did not give me a copy of was my Celiac Panel...guess I'll have to go back later and get it.
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    2. auuudriana added a post in a topic My Symptoms - Don't Think It's Celiac But Maybe Intolerance?   

      Thanks, guys. I'm still waiting for the test results but I will definitely post them when I get my hands on them.
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    3. auuudriana added a post in a topic Reading   

      Just started reading The Sookie Stackhouse manager is obsessed with True Blood and lent them all to me.
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    4. auuudriana added a topic in Celiac Disease - Pre-Diagnosis, Testing & Symptoms   

      My Symptoms - Don't Think It's Celiac But Maybe Intolerance?
      Hey, everyone. New here.
      Just wondering if anyone will tell me what they think of my symptoms. I don't think I have Celiac but possibly just gluten intolerance or sensitivity.

      For the past two months I have been extremely nauseated (never puking), which is one of the reasons I'm curious.

      I went to the doctor today finally to discuss the nausea and she thinks it's because of too much acid in my stomach, but she ordered a Celiac blood test just in case because I asked her too. She also ordered a CBC, and two other tests (can't remember which ones) - I assume because of what my mother has (see more in the bottom of the post).

      Nausea - constant
      get dizzy sometimes - oftentimes when I stand up I get huge head rushes to the point where I'm seeing black and fall over
      Increased gas (kinda smelly LOL)
      constantly want cake and chocolate(don't know if this would be a real symptom because I have lost a good 25 pounds since January and have restricted my dessert intake)
      constant headaches
      sometimes get short of breath for no reason
      once in a while (maybe every two weeks) I get a weird tingling/heated sensation in my legs
      heartburn (have had for at least a few years)
      suffer from anxiety and depression
      very irritable all the time
      joint pain (I have Reflex Neurovascular/Sympathetic Dystrophy)
      have trouble falling asleep
      get UTIs and Conjunctivitis quite a lot
      have been having more constipation than usual (used to get constipated a lot as a child but it stopped when I entered my teen years)

      My family has a history of heart disease, depression (grandmother was suicidal), and cancer. My mother's parents were born in Sicily and she has Thrombocytopenia (giant platelets), which I believe may have some relation to Celiac but I'm not certain. She also has a thyroid problem (I tested for it a year ago but it came back negative as well as anemia). I have also been misdiagnosed for Rheumatoid Arthritis if that helps, but that was changed to the RND.

      What do you think? I don't think I have the major Celiac symptoms but the ones I do have have to mean something, right?
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