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      • Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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    1. pennypal added a post in a topic Expandex- Modified Tapioca Starch?   

      I guess I am on the wrong forum. I know it is gluten-free but my issue is that there are a lot of gluten-free things that have "modified starch" in them. Only in the last few years have gluten-free products had modified starches that had a "NAME" like Expandex
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    2. pennypal added a post in a topic Expandex- Modified Tapioca Starch?   

      I didn't realize it was an old forum. I hope it gets re-activated because today I have what I call a "chemical" hangover. All my muscles ache. I made pizza last night with a very popular brand of commercial crust. I knew better. About 2-3 months age I ate at my favorite Pizza place (gluten free) next morning I ached all over. I ate there one more time before I realized they had changed their crust. I asked their response was "same crust", I checked label, it's ingredients used to say tapioca starch now says "_____'s Best Blend (tapioca starch).

      I have sent this question out before because I think Tapioca is being modified like wheat has been. I also have had a reaction to an "absolutely delicious gluten-free cupcake" I now bake all my own products. Your reference to Accent is more accurate than you realize.
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    3. pennypal added a post in a topic Making Meatballs, Corn Meal Or Crumbled Millet Bread?   

      Has anyone tried Rice chex instead of breadcrumbs. We love fish breaded in them. Meatloaf most anything that needs crumbs.
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    4. pennypal added a post in a topic Mac And Cheese Help Please!   

      Shar pasta is really good. combination of corn and rice. It's not so delicate that it overcooks easily. gluten-free family likes it too
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    5. pennypal added a post in a topic Want Bread Recipes (Multiple Food Intolerances/allergies)   

      have you tried flax as an egg substitute

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    6. pennypal added a post in a topic Expandex- Modified Tapioca Starch?   

      If Expandex is "just Modified tapioca starch" why does it have a trade name,?
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    7. pennypal added a topic in Gluten-Free Ingredients & Food Labeling Issues   

      Modified Starches
      Has anyone done research on the new modified starches. Modified Tapioca is the first I noticed. Udi's pizza crust has really gotten delicious but I couldn't stop eating it. Then I contacted then and they said they were using a product that was modified tapioca. I forgot name of product but I am concerned that they are modifiying our starches like the wheat was modified.
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