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  1. I never worried about cross contamination because i was originally told i was just intolerant. after going gluten free i felt so much better up until this last march. dairy and fructose have been giving me problems but both lactose and fructose test came back negative. this is what my gi doctor emailed me today
  2. yep ... im really starting to get very frustrated. i called my dietion today and told her what was going on and she said it makes no since that fructose isnt the cause so for right now i want you to keep avoiding it ok... i said ok... i said when i emailed you yesterday i said never mind i did have it then you replied back i thought so! well that was a sike. they called me thinking i was someone else. so back to square one. she then said screw the tests and your to avoid it... the other day when i was preping for colonoscopy i had chicken broth and i added some beef flavor to it and ended up sick before i even drank the prep drink.... i looked at the ingredients and there was corn syrup solid in it.....
  3. I had the blood test done years ago and it was negative. And they said it was just gluten intolerance so I never worried about cross contamination and all that. In a way I'm hoping something will show up in my biopsies so I will watch the cross contamination and all that of it truly have celiac. I never because sick from it.. but when I do have a bite of something with gluten I'm sick.. So I'm not sure what's is going on been trying to figure it out for the last 6 months..... can the flu cause decreased folds? I haven't had the flu but it's a thought. Or sibo? They tested me for sibo but it was negative I'm starting to get the impression that this is all in my head
  4. So I have been gluten free for 6 years because it made me barf and very sick..... the doctors then just found the cause and said I was gluten intolerance. They did not run any tests at all but I responded very well to the gluten-free diet up until 6 months ago I became getting sick again. Dairy and fructose seem to be the trigger foods I think but the tests for them were negative.... bring on gluten-free for so long my doctor knew test won't be a 100% diagnosed because I have ate it in 6yrs.. The endoscopy showed I decreased folds in my duodenum but won't my vili be fine since I haven't ate it.... I just want to figure out the problem.... What causes decreased folds?
  5. Oh man!!!!! It turns out I do not have fructose malabsorption! They had the wrong person yesterday when they told me ........ just want to know what's going on
  6. Sorry just getting back to u.. I actually did not have a biopsy 6 yrs ago they just found out what was making me sick and they said I was intolerant.. I'm still fighting with the doctors actually had a endoscopy today (still on gluten free) but it showed that my small intestine has decreased folds in duodenum. So they took a biopsy because they said supissus for celiac.... after that procedure I called the gi doctor back because she called while I was in procedure my fructose test I just did last Sunday came back positive.... while I was on the phone I asked if fructose malabsorption can cause the decending folds and she said no. But celiac Can and with u being 6yrs on gluten-free it may not show anything wrong with the vili. But I'm going to just go ahead and say celiac... not sure if that's a good idea because it not a accurate diagnose technically
  7. I won't tell your kid haha.. 6 years ago they said I was intolerant to gluten. They didn't even do the testing. After awhile I was completely better on a gluten free diet up until 6 months ago... but then again they didn't test me at all for celiac until i was already gluten free for a year and a half. Then they did the blood work and said again just intolerant... my gi doctor had a suspicious of celiac so she went ahead and ordered the endoscopy knowing that my vili might be healing but it will give us a idea of them healing or not. It's a mess
  8. I had a endoscopy again today and it showed I have decreased folds in my small intestine.... I was just diagnosed with fructose malabsorption can that cause intestinal damage?? Iv been on a gluten free diet for 6 yrs already but never had a diagnosis for celiac they never did a endoscopy before just said I was intolerant. The doctor who did my endoscopy took a biopsy and says possible celiac disease
  9. I am so confused right now.... 6 years ago I went on gluten free diet... after being on it for the first yr I was 100%better up until 5 months ago in got the "flu" the doctors told me to cut out dairy sonic did and my diarrhea became better but not completely gone would not have it every day tho. I went to the gi doctor and they said to cut out fructose and dairy and keep gluten out... yesterday I went to the dietitian to see what I can eat and she gave me the list for fructose... she said it should have been on a antibiotic for sibo.... eventually I will be able to add dairy back and maybe gluten.... I said how can I add gluten back when this was my first problem... she goes well through fructose goes hand in hand with it... I said with gluten I vomit and am sick for weeks.... fructose isn't that bad I vomit sometimes but I'm not sick for weeks.... I'm just confused on really what is going on and was wondering if you or someone you know had sibo from gluten and or fructose and how Is this all related?
  10. i cant have either of these and im just wondering if others experience the same thing. is it possible to not be able to have all of this? i am going a bit crazy because it does not seem right to me. iv been gluten free for 6 yrs dairy for 2 months and fructose for 3 weeks and it has helped alot. i havent been sick. after going gluten free my symptoms a vomiting and diarrhea cleared up compleatly until 5 months ago.
  11. I'v been gluten intolerant for 6 yrs but last week I was diagnosed with lactose and fructose intolerance.. it it possible to have all three I heard of having gluten and dairy but never all three... i was tested at the gi doctor. I am to go to a diatrition do they have to run the same tests even if I had them?
  12. I don't have celiac but doctors or amazed I don't so they told me to fallow the gluten-free diet like I have it... any way I was wondering if one can have corn, corn starch if they have fructose malabsorption. I am so confused on what I can and can't have.. i have an appt next week hopefully with a dietitian... also can you have sugar free stuff since it's not sugar.. I'm reading online and I'm getting a bunch of mixed info on both.
  13. Thank you so much. I was just wondering about ice creams what kind 2 have alot are made from the coconut.
  14. I'v posted on here b4... 6 yrs ago I was diagnosed as severely gluten intolerant. ( they were kinda shocked that test for celiac was negative) anyway my symptoms went away up until a few months ago. I went to the gi doctor and they said I can't have dairy or fructose.. * I found that out yesterday, I thought my tests for dairy was neg but guess it was pos. And I had no clue about the fructose*.. Anyway is it possible to have all these I tolerances? It's not making since to me.... also if you experience same thing what can I eat!! All I had today was grilled chicken and rice because it was on my lost from gi doctor... I'm a college student so I need easy quick stuff as easy as I can have it now I guess.. also is almond milk ok to have and coconut milk? I'm very confused on the fructose part.. dairy I'v been of for 6 weeks.... my doctor sent a referl over to a diatrition doctor but I want stuff to get me by until I get in. I don't even know what to look for all the research I'v done is just confusing me even more since different websites say different things..... thank you in advance.. I'm trying to gain weight I was gaining the first few yrs of being gluten free but I went back word and stuff went down hill again...
  15. i cant have gluten, dairy or fructose according to my gi doc.... i was wondeing what hot dogs are gluten-free df and hfcs free... also what spaghetti sauce can i have?