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  1. Albuquerque Nm

    Anybody on this site from Albuquerque?
  2. Anyone Taking A Vitamin B12 Supplement?

    I take a sublingual; B12 with no problem.
  3. I was finally diagnosed as having celiac sprue with DH about 2 years ago by a chiropractor specially trained in muscle testing. I am curious, however, if anyone on this blog has found they have other auto-immune disorders? I already know I have low insulin and low thyroid and have migraine headaches with an aura. I take a supplement daily, one which dilates the veins and another which constricts the veins to prevent the migraines. Anyone else on this blog have this problem? Also, how do we find out if we have other auto immune disorders?
  4. Does This Look Familiar?

    It looks like DH to me as well. It is VERY important to continue to eat gluten until you are diagnosed. I went off of gluten and had to have a chiropractor, specially trained in muscle testing,diagnose me 15 years later,once I found out about the procedure.