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  1. Turtles Candy

    Soo awesome!!
  2. I have had to switch all shampoo/conditioner and shower gel. I am now looking into make-up too.
  3. "Super Sensitive" Celiacs.....

    Ohh la la, I am heading there right now!
  4. "Super Sensitive" Celiacs.....

    Does anyone know if doctors in Canada would test for gluten antibodies showing up in stool or saliva? I seen the site and they did both stool and saliva testing kits
  5. "Super Sensitive" Celiacs.....

    The left side is my worst enemy for pain.
  6. How To Know If It's Really Gluten Free?!

    Wendy's is the only fast food I go to now. If I want fast but more homestyle-ish food I hit up Swiss Chalet a lot now.
  7. How To Know If It's Really Gluten Free?!

    I love off their Frosty's and fries with mayo packets, I have no issues
  8. Which hashbrowns? I am curious about their breakfast potatoes - potato pancakes which essentially are just breakfast hashbrowns with seasoning. They don't list wheat from what I can see.