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  1. I have been gluten free for about 5 years. I am a female who needs advice from men who get severe cramping followed be diarrhea, on how to compare the pain of the cramping to other pain a man might feel. My husband is great, but I just can't explain the cramping pain I feel. Monday night of this wk, I had an experience with cross contamination. I had severe cramping for 12 hours and now my stomach and ribs still hurt from all the cramping. I have nothing to compare the experience to so my husband doesn't fully understand why I don't like to "RISK" the possibility of cross contamination to eat out at places I used to be able to eat at. He understands the medical issues, but not how I feel when it happens.
  2. Help Please!

    when I was 21, I was diagnosed incorrectly with IBS. even on medication, I would still have severe cramping and diahrea. 5 years ago, I went to a new doctor with this complaint and bad headaches. she had me try a gluten free diet. she felt testing was not needed at this point since it could still come up negative even if I was just sensitive and she felt it wasn't worth the cost when the diet would be the cure. so like a miracle, the diahrea and bad cramping stopped. but I was still getting major headaches. when I went back to the doctor, she also took me off of all preservatives that were not natural. that seems to have done the trick unless I start getting a cold or other virus. does me not tolerating preservatives have anything to do with gluten? my husband sais it does, but then again, he really dosnt know anything about the disease because he still tries to tell me that a bite won't hurt me which I know that it will. I am still learning. I am currently recovering from an accidental consumption of gluten last night from an over the counter natural sleep medication. this is the first time in months, and also the worst. it normally used to last no longer than 2 hrs. this time, the bad cramping lasted for 12 hours, and now all I want to do is sleep. will this get worse as time goes by with accidental gluten consumption?