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  1. His specialty is avoiding relegation. Is England that bad that that's what they're focusing on? lol another Hodgson.

  2. @THE_47th lol, look where he landed. *Hint* Kissimmee

  3. Respectfully, fuck you.

  4. "Rest until you feel like playing,then play until you feel like resting,period. Never do anything else" Martha Beck

  5. @reporterchris lol what money to retain? The main aspects of this deal are all UFAs.

  6. RT @JulianRoepcke: The Russian regime's embassy in #Canada DARES to take a pic of an #Assad air strike 2show "Turkish artillery fire". http…

  7. Actually that's how he looks even after @ManUtd scores...

  8. @MoneyLynch Are the rumours that you're retiring true? #SayItAintSo ! Whatever you decide, good luck with everything.

  9. @THE_47th nice, but it's not Chopin :). Read the YouTube comments.

  10. Courage is the power to let go of the familiar. --Raymond Lindquist #entrepreneur

  11. @THE_47th Is there a #shittingOnesSelf emoji in WhatsApp?

  12. Well, there's a reason they're called the Bungles. What a game and what an ending but it shouldn't have happened that way.

  13. @GaryLineker You're just loving this, aren't you? I really hope they can keep this up, top of the EPL hasn't been this fun in ages.

  14. When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.

  15. Retail Girls' Swimwear Two Pieces with Hat 2015 Flowers Printed Swimsuit with Pants Kids Swim Dress 2 12 Years...