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  1. lol this is a serious issue, but well put.

  2. His specialty is avoiding relegation. Is England that bad that that's what they're focusing on? lol another Hodgson.

  3. @THE_47th lol, look where he landed. *Hint* Kissimmee

  4. Respectfully, fuck you.

  5. "Rest until you feel like playing,then play until you feel like resting,period. Never do anything else" Martha Beck

  6. @reporterchris lol what money to retain? The main aspects of this deal are all UFAs.

  7. RT @JulianRoepcke: The Russian regime's embassy in #Canada DARES to take a pic of an #Assad air strike 2show "Turkish artillery fire". http…

  8. Actually that's how he looks even after @ManUtd scores...

  9. @MoneyLynch Are the rumours that you're retiring true? #SayItAintSo ! Whatever you decide, good luck with everything.

  10. @THE_47th nice, but it's not Chopin :). Read the YouTube comments.

  11. Courage is the power to let go of the familiar. --Raymond Lindquist #entrepreneur

  12. @THE_47th Is there a #shittingOnesSelf emoji in WhatsApp?

  13. Well, there's a reason they're called the Bungles. What a game and what an ending but it shouldn't have happened that way.

  14. @GaryLineker You're just loving this, aren't you? I really hope they can keep this up, top of the EPL hasn't been this fun in ages.

  15. When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.