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  1. I have also had this reaction, but always chalked it up to IBS attacks. Now that I know it is gluten reaction, it makes perfect sense. My GI called that kind of reaction a "vegal nerve" attack. Not sure if I spelled that right. Anyway, it is the main nerve in your nervous system, and it can cause you to black out, vomit, get clammy, etc. Not fun, I know. Hang in there.
  2. Hi Melissa! I hope you are slowly figuring things out. I have found a wonderful gluten-free bread mix, and my kids even request it ("Mommy, could you make the gluten-free bread?"). I am not sure if I am allowed to mention the name here? Moderators, is that OK? I am getting my daughter tested this week as well, as she has tummy issues. Good luck!