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  1. I tried gluten cutter last night after I'd been accidentally glutened from catered food at an event. It helped alot. I had terrible abdominal cramps, and because the catered food was from a franchise I was able to look up the ingredients online, and yep, there was a small amount of flour in one of the dishes I ate... one that the caterer had assured me was gluten free. Within ten minutes of taking Gluten Cutter the cramps went away entirely. Nor did I get any of my other usual symptoms--exhaustion followed later by insomnia, diarrhea, sever hunger. Keep in mind that I took the Gluten Cutter within 15 minutes of consuming the gluten... it probably wouldn't work if taken an hour or two after glutening. Obviously this doesn't mean that a person with celiac disease should be gobbling down gluten and then trying to counteract it with Gluten Cutter. (Remember, the amount of gluten I'd consumed was only a VERY small amount). However, based on my own experiences, if, in the future, I suspect I've been accidentally glutened, or if I'm going to eat where I know there's a good chance that trace amounts of gluten might be in supposedly gluten-free food, I will certainly take a dose of Gluten Cutter with the meal. It's more like an ADDITIONAL prophylactic to assist all one's other efforts to completely avoid gluten (while still leading a normal life!).
  2. Actually, it's NOT usually listed as "wheat germ oil" (except with more conscientious companies like Burt's Bees). "Alpha tocopheryl" often is wheat germ oil, but is not spelled out as such... presumably because the manufacturer is thereby free to use whatever the cheapest, most available source of alpha tocpheryl is at a given moment (wheat, corn, etc..), according to market fluctuations. For months I was getting serious acne (and i'm past the age of acne) when using moisturizer with A.tocopheryl. I found a moisturizer without it (not easy to find), and the acne cleared up immediately. This isn't definitive proof of having been face-glutened, but it's enough to make me wary.
  3. Hi, I wrote to Kind Bar manufacturers today to inquire about this. I also wonder whether the issue may be the Alpha Tocopheryl / Vitamin E (most typically from wheat germ), which is known to be very susceptible to cross-contamination, since it is, after all, WHEAT.