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    CD diagnosis: 3/2013 via antibody testing and biopsies
    Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, Diabetes, Osteoporosis, Thalassemia
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  1. Are you vegan or vegetarian? I am concerned about your lack of protein and fats in your diet. These diets can work when you are also gluten free, but as a celiac you can be malnourished. It is hard to heal when you are slowly starving yourself. No offense, but some newly diagnosed celiacs end up with food disorders. Perhaps working with a dietician can help. What actually are your blood glucose levels? Did you know that just as Hashimoto's is common with celiacs, so is type 1 diabetes? Ask your doctor for antibodies testing for Type 1 diabetes (TD1), if your blood glucose levels are not in the normal range. You can develop TD1 (LADA) at anytime. For adults there is a "honeymoon" period which can last for up to five years. Be on the watch for other AI issues (besides TD1) too. It is so important to monitor your health after a celiac disease diagnosis!
  2. I admit, my blood panel was "mildly positive" with only the DPG IGA being the positive, yet I had a Marsh Stage IIIB (pathologist report) though my visual on the endoscopy was fine. celiac disease can be hard to diagnose, that is for sure.
  3. At the very least, get the GI consult and rest of the celiac panel. Then armed with those results, discuss with your GI. Together, you can decide whether or not you should to obtain intestinal biopsies.
  4. Sorry. Something is wonky with either my connection or! Your results are not specific...borderline. That is why your PCP should refer you to a GI for further celiac blood tests and a possible endoscopy. I recognize the lab report form. Kaiser? If so, a PCP can not order a full celiac panel. Only a GI can do so. Why bother? Because if you test like me, the TTG tests are always negative. Request the EMA and the DGPS test via a GI. Do not be fooled by a lack of abdominal symptoms. I was only anemic -- no abdominal issues at all. Constipation is a symptom. Your PCP is thinking is just historical Classic celiac disease symptoms. Please email your doctor for the referral if you think you might have celiac disease and want a solid answer.
  5. A colonoscopy is not used to diagnose celiac disease. An endoscopy is used to obtain biopsies in the small intestine.
  6. There are over 200 symptoms for celiac disease. Some Celiacs do not have any symptoms. You should talk to your doctor (the one who ordered the celiac tests). He or she can guide you.
  7. Welcome! It looks like your doctor ran the typical screening test for the TTG. It is negative, but you did not receive the complete celiac antibodies panel. You can request the full panel to help you really rule out celiac disease. Here is more information:
  8. Welcome! You do have a positive. That means that you should receive a referral to a Gastroentrologist who can perform more tests, including an endoscopy. During the endoscopy the GI will look for damage and obtain biopsies. A pathologist will determine if their is villi damage which is microscopic. Here is more information: i hope your daughter feels better soon!
  9. Marip, Have you been diagnosed with celiac disease or Non-celiac Gluten Intolerance? I notice you joined in 2014. Did you ever go guten free? How can we help? Sorry, I'm not a stool expert! You could Google it... Malabsorption? Standard lab tests that check for anemia and vitamin deficiencies, etc. should help make that diagnosis.
  10. You can eat just a slice or two (or equivalent) of bread a day for accurate testing. I understand about the high deductibles. We're self-employed and we pay for our health insurance.
  11. Sure, if it's gluten free, then fine. I am very allergic (like anaphylactic) to ibuprofen and aspirin. So, in my case, I would just tough it out. Go to bed. Sleep it off.....eventually. My money is on the garlic and onions. I can't consume those either (damn that zonulin/leaky gut -- google it along with Dr. Fasano). I just season with salt, pepper. Boring. But no gut issues. I'm hoping like my lactose intolerance (resolved), that I will get garlic and onions back. Finally, sometimes just eating anything can hurt when you still have intestinal damage. Hopefully, you'll feel better in two or three hours if it's celiac related. Longer if it's an intolerance (leaky gut thing....) Hugs!
  12. Excellent point, GFinDC!!! I just assumed that Steph had the endoscopy and not just the antibodies tests.
  13. She (your PCP) can order a celiac blood panel. It might not be a complete panel, but it's a start. Any medical doctor can order one. A GI is needed for the endoscopy (ulcers, Celiac disease, h.pylori, etc.), HIDA scan (gallbladder) or colonoscopy (IBS). Since you just saw her, email/call/write a letter and ask her to order (lab) the celiac panel. You could go to the lab before or after work. Pretty easy!
  14. I am not a doctor that's for sure. So, I can't even answer your questions. If you know you have pre-diabetes, you probably are working with a doctor. Can you email them and ask for a celiac blood panel? You can work on the weight loss and diabetes -- that you can handle yourself now and take action. I have diabetes and my glucose readings are fairly normal now without medication and I'm thin. Being overweight does not cause diabetes. It's either autoimmune (type 1) or you become insulin resistant (type 2). You can cut out all sugar and processed stuff ASAP to help take action and start walking 10,000 steps (helps with the insulin resistance). But the prediabetes is not going to kill you in the next year. Whatever's in your gut is more likely going to get you much sooner. But heck, I'm not a doctor and I don't even know you!