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    CD diagnosis: 3/2013, DGP IgA positive only, Biopsy: Marsh Stage IIIB,
    Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, Diabetes, Osteoporosis, Thalassemia
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  1. So, of course it is "naturally" gluten free, but they do not mention any sorting methods, etc. Not all wheat is collected at the time of harvest. It falls to the ground or remains on the stalk. Plus, this company gathers the stalks in China and the final prduct is not tested. Humm. I would need more research. Honestly, this is not a food product. So, does it really have to comply with the FDA? I do not know. Curious to find out. Wonder why it is not certfied for home composting? I compost. Oh, i see their research is based on a 7th grade science project. I guess i would stand behind some 7th graders.......ha!
  2. I am leary of anything from Trader Joes and I have been a customer for over 30 years! Here is why. Their items are private labeled. Before the FDA laws went into effect, many members experienced issues (e.g. jebby who is a premie doctor). Things might have changed, but you still can not talk directly with the manufacturer (they private label everything). I will say TJ's gluten-free list was cut down dramatically (which helps me to believe that they are complying with the law), but when it comes to baked good (flours) , i like to see a certification. It gives me piece of mind. This is my opinion only and others might have tested out this product and fared well. Just buy some Certfied gluten-free flour that has an added gum and follow the Libby's recipe. It will taste better! It is easy. Then you can whip up a batch of Snickerdoodles too.
  3. I would put my money on hormonal imbalance. I had KP after my doctor included testosterone in my hormonal cocktail to combat some pretty severe perimenopausal symptoms. It resolved once we dropped the testosterone. But nothing surprises me about celiac disease and what it can do to your body.
  4. Lentils and beans are naturally gluten free, but cross contamination can occur as they can be grown in fields that wheat has been in. This is easily remedied by sorting them and then washing them prior cooking them. What i do not get is that if you have been a Vegetarian or even Vegan, you should have been eating nutrtionally dense foods (e.g. Protein) all along. Eliminating gluten should not impact your diet unless you ate a lot of processed foods or dined mostly at restaurants. If that is the case, start watching the Food Network channel and learn to cook. Life is hard and you can not have it all. There is no test for oats and how they may impact a celiac. That is why experts recommend eliminating them for the first six month and then re-introducing them.
  5. Just make sure those supplements are gluten-free! My anemia resolved within a few months with added iron. I generally do not take any supplements, but prefer to get all my vitamins and minerals through whole foods. Lab tests show I am no longer deficient. So supplementation might be helpful in the beginning, but not always necessary once healing occurs. Anxiety and/or depression is common (based on member reports and research). It is one of the first signs of a glutening for hubby and me (kid says we get crabby). It typically resolves on a gluten free diet. Not all doctors know about celiac disease in North America either. Your best bet is to be your own health advocate..
  6. FYI. During my endoscopy, my GI could see no visible damage. My biopsies revealed a Marsh Stage IIIB (moderate to severe damage).'s not over until all testing is complete. You could go gluten free, but you might wait until you get final results (if you can stand it). What if the pathologist loses your samples? What if paperwork is misplaced? This has happened. Make sure all drugs are gluten free. Finally, my niece was just diagnosed with Crohn's. She did not present with typical symptoms. We could have sworn she had celiac disease, but she did not. A pill cam caught the severe damage at the end of her small intestine our of reach of both scopes (endo and colon). Personally, I have never had a positive on anything but the DGP IgA test (even on follow-up testing after a glutening). Weird, but that's the reason there's a celiac panel. There's not just one test that catches all celiacs. Take care!
  7. I am sorry that you did not receive proper treatment. You've been through the wringer! But now you can move forward and heal. I just want to add that our home is 100% gluten free. My hubby went gluten-free per the rather poor advice of his GP and my allergist. It worked though. Who else would stick to a gluten-free diet for 15 years? Does he have celiac disease? We don't know as he refuses to do a gluten challenge in order to get tested. Who can blame him? He'll get very sick! I was diagnosed formally almost four years ago (time flies!). Our house became gluten light when hubby went gluten free, but gluten was still allowed. I was the only one in the kitchen who handled food. When I was diagnosed, our home became 100% gluten free. Why? Because I needed a safe place to hang out. A place I could relax and let down my label-reading guard! Besides, our kid was old enough to start cooking and well....she's a kid. She'll make a mess and we could get GLUTENED! The risk was too great. Our kid? Too bad. She's gluten free. I do feed her gluten (factory wrapped foods) for her lunch. I make sure I feed her gluten daily (stop by fast food or friends) when I am getting ready to have her re-tested for celiac disease since it could develop at any time. Her best friend packs extra sandwiches and that's a treat. Even our dog and cat were on grain free diets! But the reality is, she has learned to like gluten-free foods. Yep. She'll take that burger wrapped in lettuce over one in a bun. Really. She'll also request my gluten-free Chocolate Mayonnaise Cake over any store bought bakery cake any day. Why the hard line? Our health is most important. Health is everything. We also pay the bills. We rule. She's a kid. She has no rights. We are just obligated to feed, shelter and seek medical care for her. Of course she's a fantastic kid. She's respectful. She's kind. She loves us and we love her. But someday, she'll be gone and on her own. Then she'll be able to do whatever she wants and that's when she is paying her own way and not when she's 18. As long as she takes money from us and she has to do it our way. You have a unique situation. I urge you to seek counseling or advice as your boys no doubt have seen the way their father has treated you. Some tough but firm love may be required. Hard to do when you are feeling ill, but you need to set some rules up. You are the head of your house and your rules apply. Cooking and eating gluten free does not mean eating that expensive junk processed food. Stick with naturally gluten-free foods for a while (meat, fish, dairy (if you can tolerate it), veggies and fruit. You will heal faster! I wish you well.
  8. You are not crazy! I noticed that when I attempted to post a few times this morning, or sign on, the forum seemed wacky. Typing was weird too. I gave up.
  9. Why use that artifical stuff? Kids at our school are getting a 24 hiur bug that resembles a bout of food poisoning. I agree that it could be that too.
  10. Beta glucan (found that listed in Philosophy's ingredient list). What is that? Anyway, I looked it up and it appears to be derived from barley or oats (and other plant sources). Not sure how processed it is meaning if gluten is removed. Me? Either I would call the manufacturer to verify or skip using this product. There are many other lotions out there that i do not have to research, so I would take the lazier approach. Heck, I am always crunched for time! I will put in a plug for Gabriel make-up products. I use their lipstick which is certified gluten-free. Like Karen, I just worry about what might get into my mouth.
  11. No, to my knowledge there is no serious damage from intolerances. You might get bloated, experience inflammation, etc., but you will not trigger an autoimmune reaction. Only gluten can do that to a celiac. The histamine intolerance may or may not apply to you. The problem is that everyone has different levels of damage. it is trial and error. The most common intolerance is lactose. Best to keep a food journal for a while.
  12. What an amazing story (that is not the right word, but i think you understand). By sharing, you will help so many (as you have been for years). You are an inspiration! I can see why you continue to help so many on this forum. Not everyone has a classic textbook case of celiac disease. It is one of the reasons I remain active on this forum too. Here's to continued good health! 🍷
  13. Okay, so now you know that a gluten exposure (aka "glutening") can knock you for a loop. Celiac disease does NOT produce consistent symptoms. Each glutening can vary. You still need a new Gi, but the advice that your hubby go gluten free might be good. Once I went gluten-free after my diagnosis, my hubby's health improved (he had been gluten-free for 13 years). I was good about cross contamination and reading labels, but i really went overboard because it now affected me! Probably stopped him from taking too many risks like eating out often and not grilling restaurant staff. Anyway, your hubby can get his gluten fix outside of the house and he can brush his teeth before kissing you. My kid eats all her gluten at school and out of the house. Because, we need a safe place to relax!
  14. The gluten-free diet has a steep learning curve. Besides avoiding gluten, you must figure your own particular set of food intolerances that may resolve or may not. Remember the small intestine is damaged. First, I would recommend a whole foods diet until you feel well. That means not eating processed bread which contains a variety of ingredients that you might not tolerate. For me, I still can not consume Xanthan Gum. I bake using other gums. I also can not eat garlic or onions even after being gluten-free for three years. Second, consider a histamine intolerance. This occurs with me after a glutening. Google the foods to avoid. Avocados are on that list. You might be able to eat small amounts, but for now, an entire avocado does not seem to agree with you. Once healed, many of your intolerances will be eliminated. Just be patient.
  15. Were you diagnosed with celiac disease? If so, you may experience hair growth after being on the gluten-free diet for six months or longer. Other issues like hypothyroidism can impact hair loss or you could be like my hubby -- genetics is his cause. Hard to say with so very little information.