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  1. Hi guys...does anyone take extended release Effexor (or venlafaxine) - do you all know if this is gluten free? (The generic is Teva). Thanks.
  2. Ground coffee?

    I haven't but I've never really gotten glutened by a Starbucks yet thank GOD!
  3. Guys - Just's still okay to drink plain brewed Starbucks coffee right? I just bought a bag of it (ground) and wanted to drink some...
  4. Help - Newer Diet

    I am totally not going back to her. Not pleased!
  5. Help - Newer Diet

    Yep - all is gluten free...I think it's too much too fast ....
  6. OMG. Let me know what you think. Just went to a nutritionist who put me on a new diet to help lower my cholesterol. Diet is already gluten free, but she added chia seeds, cod liver oil, coconut oil and bone broth. I have subsequently been in the bathroom all weekend with D. Is that likely from the diet?
  7. Need Some Reassurance

    Thank you...this helps me a ton. I also heard from the wonderful pharmacist who does the gluten free drugs list and he said Synthroid is safe for celiacs to take. Yay!
  8. Have had celiac (biopsy diagnosed) for about 10 years...just learned I have subclinical hypothyroidism. Have the rest of you dealt with this? Any encouragement or advice? I follow a completely gluten free diet, no real stomach symptoms anymore. Will be taking a small dose of synthroid. Thanks again!
  9. So my doc called - I have "subclinical hypothyroidism" - TSH is 4.4 and Free T4 is 0.9. She said we could treat it or wait a while. I said it's fine to treat. They are putting me on Synthroid - the brand name. Are any of you on this drug? Is it actually safe for a celiac? big a deal is subclinical hypothyroidism....ugh...I detest having another thing! Thanks!
  10. Thyroid

    hi...she did tsh and t4 today...i learn results tomorrow...wondering what that combo is?
  11. Thyroid

    You guys are literally - THE BEST.
  12. Thyroid

    Okay...good...I was just panicking a teeny bit about this. If you have any more comforting advice let me know
  13. Thyroid

    Hi there! Been doing fine for a long time...occasionally glutened, but mostly okay! Not too many symptoms of hypo - I don't think - she was curious about testing it because I have some thought it would be a good idea to recheck it all and said it's a pretty simple fix (I HOPE - eek...kind of freaked to maybe have another issue going on, but figure it's probably not that big of a deal)...?
  14. Hi all...Checking in to say hi again... Curious...I've had biopsy-diagnosed celiac for about 11 years now and it seems that my thyroid is a teeny bit off. Is this common? (looks like my tsh is close to 3 or something like that...) They may put me on a pill to assist...