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    • Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I have been sick for about 2 years now on and off.  I do have some stomach troubles.  Every once in awhile I will have pains in my abdomen like needles poking me.  (weird, I know)  Sometimes diarrhea, sometimes constipation.  But nothing horrible, it's always been this way.  But the major problems I have been having are cognitive.  Last January I was admitted to the hospital with stroke like symptoms.  It was awful.  They found nothing on the MRI but my speech was impaired, I had pins/needles feeling all along the right side of my body, problems with walking, balance, etc.  Nothing showed up on the MRI.  Good news, but baffling.  I have had a pretty bad case of vertigo which flairs up from time to time.  I also have pretty bad leg pain intermittently.  My memory is poor at best.  I can't remember ANYTHING!  I have ZERO energy.  I have to take a two hour nap every stinkin day.  Recently, I had a ferritin/iron test done and found out that I am extremely deficient.  However, I am not anemic.  My hemoglobin is at the lowest point of normal.   So with the low iron my doc was concerned about celiac and I had the blood tests done.  Negative, hallelujah!  But GI doc was concerned about internal bleeding so I had a ENG/colonoscopy.  A biopsy of my small bowel came back stating that I had lymphocytosis.  Lymphocytosis can be attributed to any number of things...  Gluten sensitivity, MS, autoimmune, etc.  BUT, most people with GS/Celiac have these little villi that are damaged/atrophied, my villi structure looks normal. Soooo, doc wants me to go gluten free for awhile to see what happens.  I have been gluten free for about a week and have had a horrible headache almost everyday.  Has anyone else out there wound up having GS/Celiac with normal villous structure?  Just wondering if I am doing this whole gluten free thing for nothing.  Any input would be greatly appreciated and welcomed:)