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  1. The side effects of Rifaxamen include digestive distress. I was on two rounds of it for SIBO a few years ago. I haven't had any recurring problems with SIBO since then, and I don't eat any special diet other than gluten free, and of course, healthy foods. I think it's a wonder drug after the issues I experienced with SIBO! Hopefully, it will turn around for you.
  2. I don't believe they would intentionally lie through their teeth about any product they offer. And, I wouldn't count on any barista knowing about the ingredients either. Starbucks policy is for the consumer to make those decisions on their own, and they will gladly let you read the labels. That's not being mislead; it's putting the responsibility on the consumer to make a choice whether to drink it or not.
  3. I think Honeyville is the best (and most expensive) almond flour available. I don't have any trouble with it.
  4. I don't have any problem with it.
  5. Like CyclingLady said: Gluten has to be injected to cause problems. I changed lip gloss, but other than that, I use the same shampoo, conditioner, and makeup without any problems at all. I'm not careful in the shower, but I make it a point to keep my mouth closed when shampooing.
  6. I've never had a problem with any kind of butter or margarine. As far as milk containing gluten, I drink it daily and my celiac panel has been perfect the last few yearly checkups.
  7. I have a small Calphalon skillet, silicone spatula, collapsible colander, and flex cutting board I travel with. I keep it in a tote that I pull off shelf when I travel. Other than that, I do the same as the above posters.
  8. I've continued to use Redken on my curly hair without a problem, and I just had my numbers checked and they're perfect. I do try to keep my hands out of my hair and wash them if I'm brushing it.
  9. What about a smoothie? You can add nut butters or protein powder. Avocado, coconut milk, spinach, carrots, and cooked sweet potato can be added without even noticing they are in there to amp up calories and nutrients.
  10. One of my favorite meals from childhood that I now keep in the freezer to thaw when a quick meal is needed is hamburger hash. It's simply ground beef, chopped onions, potatoes, and beef broth. I vary it depending on what I have on hand with veggies such as spinach, kale, bell pepper, etc. Freezes very well! I like eating it for breakfast with a fried egg on top.
  11. Karen is correct. I am one of those people she speaks of who came here for advice for a couple years and seldom have a need to post once health was restored. My sister is also doing fine, as are a friend and a friend's son-in-law. Strange, but all four of us were diagnosed within a few weeks of each other. How does that happen? Also, gluten is not unhealthy for everyone! It's getting a bad rap right now in the media, but if you don't have celiac, an allergy to gluten, or NCGS, eat all the gluten you want. Good grief!
  12. Mountain House freeze-dried camping meals makes a variety of gluten free meals.
  13. d
  14. You may get better advice from others, but you know what? It's only celiac, and it's only food. It calls for some changes in your lifestyle, but it's only food! It's far, far better than cancer, heart disease, ms, Parkinson's, diabetes, cerebral palsy, and the list goes on. It's only a lifestyle change, and it's only food. It took me a good long while to feel healthy again, and quite often, I didn't think it would happen, but it did and I feel great! There were some problems along the way, but they subsided, and now celiac is second nature. With a positive attitude, you'll get through this. If you have the resources to make an appointment with a dietician, I encourage you to do so. I trained with one for about 4 or 5 sessions. Once I began healing inside (a 2 yr. process), I gained back the badly needed 20 lbs. I lost and the foods that I couldn't tolerate - sugars, caffeine, dairy, raw fruits and veggies. I can eat anything but gluten now. Gluten free is a piece of cake compared to what I had to give up for awhile. Always carry something with you to eat, such as a piece of fruit, crackers, breakfast bar), and you can eat out with your friends anytime you like. It's the friendships and experiences that are important, not the food. It's only food! It's boring, but stick to a very simple diet until you feel better. This may take some time. My only other advice is to be wary of bloggers on Facebook. There is so much misinformation on these that it will make your head spin. Stick with what the dietician teaches you, what you learn on here (even when something might be incorrect, there's seasoned people on here that will set it straight), and find a couple good books. Ask your dr or dietician for some recommendations. The book written by Jules Sheppard started me on the right track - lots of good information for a beginner without all the crap advice. And, yes, you will be able to eat cake again. In the past month, I've made a fabulous gluten-free clementine chocolate cake, cinnamon roll cupcakes, and an angel food cake.