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  1. Actually it says Wheat Protein in the ingredients list. That was my go-to mascara for years and all of a sudden I started having problems. Such a shame cause I loved it!
  2. Does anyone know if Nasal Sprays are gluten free. I could't find anything that says they do have gluten but I also could't find any real information on them. Like the brand Ocean or TopCare? Thanks!!
  3. Nightmares - Glutened In My Dreams!

    I'm so glad that i'm not the only one who has these nightmares. The following week, after the dream, I am very paranoid about the food that I eat. Mine usually have to deal with accidentally eating a cracker or cookie and "realizing" I have celiac and then panicking!
  4. So far Chipotle has been great to me. I explain that I need only 1 person to prepare my meal and they need to wash their hands and put on new gloves. I've never had a problem with them. Sometimes they even get new bowls and open new cheese and such.